How to sleep easier and improve sleep quality


How to sleep easier and improve sleep quality | all for health

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If you prefer drinks that contain caffeine, then it is most beneficial to take them in the morning. Take note of the fact that the best fitness sponge cake for christmas heerlijk en rijk usual green tea also has an invigorating effect on the body, as well as coffee. This approach to business will ensure a healthy and lasting sleep.

Nutrition makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of sleep, as well as fall asleep faster. Thus, dinner should consist of unsweetened fruits, sour-milk drinks, vegetables (stewed or steamed) and seafood. It is also recommended that nutritionists use only protein foods that contribute to the saturation of the body with amino acids and vitamins. In addition, such food activates the production of melatonin.

If possible, be less nervous. If you have experienced stressful situations throughout the day, then you will be provided with depression in the form of depression at the end of the day. Try to drink a sedative at night in the form of:

chamomile tea

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motherwort tinctures


Doctors advise sleeping at least 8.5 hours. This time is quite over the counter consigli per iniziare ad andare in palestra enough for the body to fully recover and gain strength over night. It is also noteworthy that approximately 55 minutes before bedtime, physical activity should be avoided. You also should not sit in front of the computer – this leads to mental stress.

fall asleep

Have you ever thought about what you sleep on? Please note that double beds should be soft and “equipped online osobn trenr” with an orthopedic mattress for greater comfort.

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You can not take even a small fraction of alcohol at night, because it leads to the fact that sleep becomes uncomfortable and superficial. This factor will not allow you to fully relax.

improve sleep

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At night, try to take a relaxing bath based on lavender and passionflower. It will not be superfluous to add a little sea salt so that it can be easier to fall asleep.

improve sleep

It is imperative that the room has fresh air, so 10 minutes before bedtime, you must properly ionize or ventilate the room. In addition, listen to light music that will set you in the right way.

Before going to bed, it is important to relax and think about the good, to wake up in a positive mood.

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