From which Rich Piana died. All versions of the death of a bodybuilder freak

The reasons for the death of the bodybuilder, followed by 1.2 million fans on Instagram, were not disclosed. His girlfriend, Chanel Jansen, claims that Piana hit her head in the bathroom while shearing. Doctors talk about an overdose of drugs. Police report the discovery of 20 ampoules with steroids in the bodybuilder’s house.

“Soviet Sport” is about all versions of the death of the “steroid monster,” as Pianu was often called.


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“I will always remember how I loved to hold his hand. I will always remember how he woke up and kissed my forehead. I will always remember that it was the greatest love of my life, ”Rich Piana's friend Chanel Jansen wrote on Instagram on the evening of August 25.

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This post - together with the conclusion of a medical expert from the clinic where the bodybuilder was taken earlier - was the first official confirmation of the death of Piana. Earlier that day 3 nutritious breakfasts to help clean the belly, bodybuilder Bradley Martin, Rich's training partner, announced his death on Instagram. But many continued to doubt and believed that he was alive - especially since the media had already buried the bodybuilder and then refuted it.

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Piana was taken to the clinic on August 10. The rescue service called his girlfriend Chanel. She stated that the bodybuilder fell in his own bathroom when he was making a haircut, and hit his head hard: “He suddenly began to roll to one side, and I asked:“ Rich, are you ok? ” I saw that his eyes rolled back and then he collapsed. "

Chanel followed the phone directions and tried to provide first aid to a fainting bodybuilder. However, she failed to reanimate him: including, due to the fact that Piana was too heavy and massive for her - it was hard for Chanel to turn him over for first aid.


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The TMZ publication, citing a source in the rescue service, reported: even during the call, the doctors suspected that the cause of Piana's fainting was an overdose of drugs.

Later, this version found its indirect confirmation. Police and doctors who arrived at the bodybuilder’s house found white powder scattered on the table and a credit card with traces of the powder. A police source told the press that the powder was allegedly an opiate.

In 911 they confirmed: one Trenbolone Enanthate Injection 200 Genesis Buy Cheap of the first actions of the rescue team was the introduction to the unconscious Piana of two doses of "Narkan" - a medication that fights against drug overdose. "Narcan" did not return the bodybuilder to consciousness. On the same evening, at a clinic in District 6 of Florida, Pianu was placed in a medical coma.

Chanel Jansen later stated: “I knew that Rich had previously fought drug addiction. I was sure that he defeated his addiction. I did not know what he continues to use. "

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Together with the powder, the police found about 20 ampoules with anabolic steroids in the house of Piana. A police source later told the press that they are talking about testosterone-based drugs that bodybuilders use to increase muscle mass and strength.

Most likely, Piana used testosterone enanthate - a popular steroid among bodybuilders, which, however, together with the effect of a noticeable increase in muscle has a number of serious side effects. Among them, gynecomastia - an increase in the mammary glands in men, testicular atrophy - the suppression of the functions of the sex glands and their decrease in size.

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Piana himself did not hide the fact that he uses steroids. According to him, he passed his first course of pharmacological preparations at the age of about 18 years. His total experience with steroids is over twenty years.

Among others, strength training experts suspected Pian of using implants and synthol oils, which penetrate the skin and artificially increase muscle. Piana's biceps at the peak of the shape in tension were 60-61 cm, his shoulders were unnaturally Dromastanolone di-propionate - Propionate Testkit round and convex - all this, according to experts, is achieved by “synthol” and the so-called. "Organic glass" that inflates a muscle from the inside.


Chanel Jansen posted a video on Youtube, where she says that Rich suffered a heart attack. But there is no official conclusion on what caused his death.

The world of bodybuilding mourns the departure of Piana. “He was like an open book and was not afraid to talk about taboo topics in bodybuilding - whether it was the use of steroids or something else. His honest and uncompromising stance brought him many admirers and critics, ”wrote the authoritative online publication

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Rich Piana was 46 years old. His most successful performance in bodybuilding competitions was the title of Mr. California in 1998. Piana was the owner of a sports nutrition business and training accessories business; he appeared in episodic roles in films. In his last Instagram post, made on August 10 a few hours before the incident that led to his death, Piana wrote: “I gave everything for victory - whatever it costs.”

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