Meet Rich Piana, a US bodybuilder who has been taking steroids for 27 years

This is 45-year-old American bodybuilder Rich Piana (Rich piana), who is the owner of a complete set of frills - starting from ten meals a day and ending with an absolutely incredible body.

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The motto of the bodybuilder: "At all costs." And if your goal is to build an unnaturally huge body, then you have to take steroids.

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45-year-old Piana (pictured with his wife Sarah), whose weight is about 140 kilograms, openly admits taking steroids from the age of 18 and even publishes on the Internet schedules for drug use.

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And although Rich warns followers from using steroids, he himself is completely satisfied with his choice.

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As the son of a bodybuilder mother, Piana became acquainted Fatty liver produces Sust 250 cycle. Fitness Proteins: The 5 Best Sust 250 Sources for Healthy Muscle Growth with the world of weightlifting at the age of 11, after she started going to the gym to watch her mother prepare for the competition.

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After failures in bodybuilding contests at the age of 18, he began to take steroids and since then has successfully performed in the championships and even received the title Mr. California.

Despite the fact that Rich is no longer involved in competitions, he still takes his body to the extreme, sharing his lifestyle with legions of followers via social media.

Now he makes money through the YouTube channel, and also participates in various events and sells nutritional supplements of his own food line.

During Strength training for men and women his years of competition, Rich spent up to $ 2,500 a month on growth hormone excluding steroids.

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