Rich Piana is dead. The death of a famous bodybuilder was written by his friend on Instagram

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American bodybuilder Bradley Martin this morning wrote about the death of Rich Piana on his Instagram. Martin published his photo with Piana and signed it: "Rest in peace."

Citing its own sources, the fitness site Generation Iron, who filmed Pianu in a documentary about bodybuilding, also reported the athlete’s death. At the same time, the athlete’s relatives and his girlfriend Chanel Rene have not yet confirmed his death.

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Rich Pianu was hospitalized from his own unconscious home on August 14th. He was later introduced to a medical coma. Earlier, a number of media have already reported the death of a 46-year-old bodybuilding star, followed by more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. A friend of Piana then denied Prohormone - Legal Steroids Supplements these reports, saying that "Rich is alive and successfully struggling with ailments."


Bodybuilder Bradley Martin, who on the morning of August 25 made a message about the death of Rich Piana, personally knew him and was friends with him. At the same time, in the comments on this post, many doubt the death of Piana and call the record “fake”. Official evidence of the death of the athlete has not yet been received - neither from medical sources, nor from his relatives.

On August 14, a call was received from 911's Piana’s house in Florida. His friend Chanel reported that the athlete had fallen and lost consciousness in his own bathroom. Before the medical team arrived at the scene, the rescue team instructed Chanel on what should be done to help the unconscious Piana. Later sources in 911 told the press that the girl was unable to reanimate the athlete. Piana was too heavy for her, which made it difficult to provide first aid. Doctors hospitalized the bodybuilder and later brought him into an artificial coma.

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“More than 20 ampoules with anabolic steroids were found in the athlete’s apartment. Also found was a white powder scattered across Primobolan online: Trends You Need To Know Aboutandrogenic the table and floor, presumably an opiate, ”TMZ reported.

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There was information that the cause of Piana's illness was "an overdose of an unknown substance." Athlete's friend Chanel continued to insist that the bodybuilder lost consciousness when he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head.

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A day after Rich Piana was placed in an artificial coma, the tabloids wrote about his death. Chanel Rene denied these reports. She told the press that “Rich is alive and with the help of doctors is successfully struggling with his ailments.” A bodybuilder friend suggested sending Piana words of support through social networks. After that, tens of thousands of people wrote their desires for recovery.

The last post on Instagram Chanel dated August 17th. A friend of Rich Piana has not yet commented on the new messages about his death that appeared today, August 25th. There are no messages on the social networks of the ex-wife of Piana Sarah, who previously also made posts in his support, saying that "in spite of everything, there was a time when she and Piana loved each other."

The American edition of TMZ, which was the first to talk about the hospitalization of Rich Piana, today Cycle, Results, Benefits, Dosage - Nandrolone phenylpropionate, August 25, does not publish news of his fate. This leaves hope for fans of Piana that the news of his death is again premature.

Soviet Sport continues to follow the news about the fate of Rich Piana.

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Who is Rich Piana

46-year-old American Rich Piana is one of the most famous figures in the world of bodybuilding. Piana did not win prizes in the key bodybuilding competitions “Mr. Olympia”. He gained fame thanks to his unusual appearance and social networks. With an increase of 183 cm, the weight of Piana sometimes reached 145 kg in the off-season. The athlete generously decorated his body with tattoos and boasted biceps of 60 centimeters. He was often called a “steroid monster” in social networks.

Piana himself did not hide the fact that he was taking anabolic steroids and other drugs to increase muscle mass (including synthol oil and implants). According to him, he used steroids for about 30 years, spending on them an average of $ 2500 per month.

Thanks to PR in social networks, Piana became a successful entrepreneur. His company, which the athlete called “5%,” was engaged in the production of sports nutrition and strength training accessories.

Until Rich Piana’s death is officially confirmed, his fans have already called August 2017 “the blackest month in bodybuilding history.” Three days ago in Florida, the 26-year-old bodybuilder Dallas Macarver suddenly died, who was predicted in the future leadership at Olimpia. According to official figures, Macarver died choking on food.

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