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Hello everyone, today, I would like to talk about growth hormone. I know I talked about it a million times. But today, specifically, I would like to dwell on the big bodybuilders - pro athletes. That is, we are talking about guys who have been taking the hormone for years. This starts to enrage a little, because I try to give knowledge to the younger generation, I try to warn them about the side effects of growth hormone and insulin, so that they understand what it will pour out to them if they decide to go this route.

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What is dangerous growth hormone?

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For example, I had no idea what I'm getting into. And the side effects appeared when it was already too late, such shit came out of which I could not get rid of it. Understand, I just want the younger generation to know about the side effects and risks associated with this, so that they themselves make a wise Sustanon 250 - Worried of misery resulting from low testosterones decision, do they need it or not?

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I constantly see these videos where the big guys, professional athletes say that this food makes their bellies grow, tearing the abdominal muscles across the floors and pushing the navel out. Why is it difficult for these bodybuilders to admit that they inject growth hormone and it is because of it such side effects. After all, young people look at them and believe everything that they say.

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Growth hormone, insulin - will increase your intestines, they make all the tissues in your body grow and if you prick them, your heart and lungs will increase, and a large heart means that you glue the fins Give Me The 30 Minutes And What Is Anavar Instructions? much earlier. These are the things that you should take into account before deciding whether to embark on this path or not. It is very important to think it over, because you are young now and don’t really think about it, but closer to 40-50 years, you will have no time for jokes. When the doctor tells you that you have an enlarged heart and that you have 10 years left, the idea with growth hormone no longer looks so cool.

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I just want to convey this to young, beginner athletes, so that they understand that all this will affect your body, but steroids do not increase your organs, do not increase your intestines, though there are other jokes, but if you get it off the course, then you can to do safely.

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In fact, there is no particular need for growth hormone and insulin. That is why the new generation of bodybuilders does not look like guys from the 70s, now the main thing for everyone is more ... more ... more .. This is a normal desire to become as much as possible, but in my opinion this should not go against the aesthetics . And yet, so you know, the waist does not grow with the body, this is complete nonsense.

If you have a waist of 86 cm, then after 10 years it will not change in size. You can keep your waistline as a 120 kg bodybuilder. Most importantly, stay away from growth hormones and Steroid Creams Can Help with Skin Inflammation insulin.

A striking example was the flight of the 70s, none of them took growth hormones and their waist remained unchanged, the same as in youth.

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