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Biography of Rich Pian. Women, cars, sports nutrition and synthol

What Canada can teach sports world about dealing with doping are many iconic personalities in bodybuilding. Famous athletes and coaches having won our recognition forever entered the history of iron sports. But the powerful figure of Rich Piana, saturated with synthol and shrouded in an aura of constant scandal, is not lost at all against their background, only shading the sleek champions with their tattooed aggressiveness.Rich piana died, and the world of bodybuilding immediately dimmed and became impoverished. Whether it is good or bad, but without it, iron sport will not be the same as before. I dedicate this story to Rich Piane, a synthol monster, bodybuilder, brawler, successful businessman and just a person. R.I.P. RICH PIANA

I have never been a fan of Rich, considering him an ordinary freak seeking to make money on the wave of his synth-tattooed appearance. But the news that Rich Piana died overnight flew around the world and became the most talked-about event in the world of bodybuilding and far beyond. The entire "yellow" press and many serious news publications wrote about the death of Rich Pian. All this information hype outlined the real boundaries of his world popularity and aroused my serious interest in this person. And the more I learned about Rich Pian, the more I liked him. The image of the shocking truth-seeker that he created for himself, multiplied by the show talents natural talent brought him great fame and millions of dollars.

Rich Piana photo 1

Rich Piana | Candid Interviewer

Rich Piana | Candid Interviewer

While the rest of the stars of bodybuilding, puffing out the importance of their cheeks and drawing in protruding bellies, assured that they had gained muscle mass through sports nutrition, Piana honestly talked about synthol and steroids. He argued (and I agree with him) that the best nutrition for muscle growth isthese are natural products, but at the same time he advertised his own line of sports nutrition. Here he was, non-linear, uncomfortable, scandalous, but open and charming. But this is just my point of view. Let me tell you about the brightest aspects.Rich Pian Biographies, and make your own conclusions.

Rich Piana and Steroids

Rich Piana (Rich Piana) was born on September 27, 1971 in California and from a young age became interested in sports. He was already engaged in Taekwondo as a very young man and after a year of training received an orange belt. Later, this hobby grew into a passion for MMA (mixed martial arts) and remained with him for life. He came to the gym at the age of 11 and for some time was engaged in parallel with bodybuilding and MMA, training in the gym with the great Zane Fraser. But having lost during the martial arts, with such difficulty gained muscle mass, Piana still chose bodybuilding. And all furtherRich Pian's biographywalked under the sign of fanatical devotion to the iron sport.

But even after 30 years of dragging iron in the gym, having 140 kilograms of muscle mass, Piana still showed excellent skills in mixed martial arts, which was a real surprise for me. Who else of the stars of modern bodybuilding is capable of this? I suggest watching a short video on this topic:

He made the decision to purchase "farm" after another defeat at the youth bodybuilding competition, very much disappointing his father. Rich then did not even enter the top five finalists, bitterly realizing that a natural bodybuilder simply How to pump up at home in 14 years could not compete with a chemist. Having understood this banal truth, he jumped into the car and rushed off to Tijuana, a small border Mexican town where steroids, unlike the USA, can be bought absolutely legally. Having bought some bottles of oily liquid from a non-English-speaking seller, Piana returned home and immediately gave himself an injection in the shoulder from the bottle he had purchased.

Rich Piana photo 2

Rich Piana | A rare photo of async youth

Rich Piana | A rare photo of async youth

For 3 months, Rich gained 12 pounds of lean muscle mass, and began to win all competitions in a row. In 1998, he won the title of Mr. California. The climax of his bodybuilding career was his victory in 2009 at the Border States Classic XXX Championship, where he became the undisputed champion. A year later, he performed a couple of times, but with a more modest result. Realizing that this was his genetic ceiling, Piana did not continue his sports career further and lay claim to becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Rich Pian Biographymade a sharp turn. The time has come to recognize that a pro card is not at all a guarantee of a stable income in the future, but to earn with impressive muscle mass can be done differently. Truth and "chemistry" at the same time need another, more reckless.

But Rich needs to be given credit here too, he openly talked about the drugs he used and their dosages. And all would be fine, but in the wake of rampant frankness, Piana often revealed not only her own, but also other people's secrets, which earned her hidden hatred from the stars of bodybuilding.

Conclusion:the world of bodybuilding is designed so that you can talk about your courses as much as you like, but you need to be silent about other athletes. For if everyone around is sitting on "chemistry", then why do you need sports nutrition?

Rich Piana and Synthol

There is probably no other bodybuilder like that, well, maybe Greg Valentino, who would be so much associated with synthol as Rich Piana. Moreover, he himself never hid it, on the contrary. Who does not know what kind of muck it is, Ill tell you now.

Synthol is an extremely specific drug for local injection. It was invented by the German chemist Chris Clark in the 90s and since then, synthol has firmly settled in the arsenal of professional bodybuilders. They inject it with a syringe into a specific muscle group, significantly increasing its volume. At 85%, synthol consists of oil (coconut, sesame), 7.5% of pain medication (ice cream) and another 7.5% of preservative (benzyl alcohol).

Synthol is terrible rubbish with a huge number of serious side effects (atrophy of nerve endings, infectious inflammation, ischemia, and even heart attack). Because of these side effects, other drugs soon replaced Synthol. In any case, as Rich Piana himself claimed, he has not used synthol for a long time, preferring other drugs for local muscle enlargement. For more information on this topic, read in my article:Bazooka Hands | About sintol and sintolshchikov .

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Rich Piana and Synthol | Twins are brothers

Rich Piana and Synthol | Twins are brothers

There is a very good remedy, he said, which injections, the muscles become inflamed, swell and significantly increase in size by 4-5 days. Side effects of such a miracle remedy are much less than synthol, but it causes strong pain at the injection site. Well, how can one not recall the popular expression: Life is pain? But as it turned out, many bodybuilding stars use and apply such cosmetics. As Piana assured, this is what Flex Wheeler did, who in the 2000s was considered the most aesthetic bodybuilder and my beloved Kevin Levron.

However, some of Pian's acquaintances, who were closely acquainted with such a kitchen, claimed that he used a tool called organic glass (polymethylmethacrylate-methacrylate, PMMA) for local muscle enlargement. This abbreviation is well known to all plastic surgeons, since PMMA is used as an implant for lips and correction of scars.

Conclusion:if a girl uses implants to make her face more attractive, why couldn't Piana do it with her hands and deltoid? Especially if it helps to promote a millionth business.

Rich Piana and money

Perhaps interest in the shocking person of Rich Pian would not have been so strong if he had not been a millionaire who had made his fortune in bodybuilding. There are many synthol freaks and every year there are more and more of them. But Piana was a different, shrewd, successful and terribly hard-working businessman, who left behind a multi-million dollar fortune. How did he succeed?

At the time of his bodybuilding youth, Piana, as is commonly accepted, worked as a personal trainer and starred in commercials and TV shows. In total, he starred in 32 commercials, which brought him a total of about $ 2 million. In the early 2000s, payment was made not only for the day of filming, but deductions continued even after. Each showing of the commercial on TV replenished Piana's bank account with a round sum. Rich's first television appearance took place in the popular show, Believe It or Not.

In 2001, he starred in the movie "Planet of the Apes." True, for the filming of the film, Rich, who did not reveal his showmen talent at that time, was selected exclusively in terms of size, since he played the role of one of the evil gorillas and was always masked. A year later, Piana lit up in the first season of the series "Clinic". He again played the role of an evil Myths about strength training how to lose weight and not siphon up muscles green monster, but money doesnt smell, right?

But in 2004, Piana starred in her normal appearance, along with several other bodybuilders in the series "Malcolm in the Spotlight." On the screen, Rich looked pretty well-fed, but had already begun to acquire his first tattoos.

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Rich Piana photo 4

Rich Piana | Movie frame & quot; Malcolm in the spotlight & quot;

Rich Piana | Frame of the film Malcolm in the spotlight

At the peak of rising real estate prices, risking his earned money, Piana bought her first home in California, immediately mortgaged it and bought a second home with the proceeds, already in Texas. The profitability of this transaction, according to the new investor, was more than 80%. Later, he began to invest in investment funds and exchange trading, but this did not bring him much success.

Turning point forRich Pian Biographiesbecame a contract signed with Fit Foods, a Canadian sports nutrition company that produced supplements under the Mutant brand name. The slogan of this sports nutrition was the phrase "We are Mutants, leave humanity behind." And so Rich, stabbed with tattoos and with his hands and shoulders already matted, approached the role of a mutant, as well as possible.

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Rich Piana | The face of the Mutant sports nutrition brand

Rich Piana | The face of the Mutant sports nutrition brand

But the biggest benefit to him was not the money from the sponsor, but the videos in which he starred advertising Mutant sports nutrition. The company thought it was Rich Piana who promoted their products in these stories, although in fact, he advertised himself. Therefore, later, when their cooperation came to an end, the positions of Mutant sports nutrition fell significantly, although today the mighty Johnny Jackson is the face of the brand.

Realizing the power of digital technology, Piana opened her Youtube channel, started recording videos with scandalous revelations, and even launched her own sports nutrition line under the 5% brand. This name was chosen because, according to Rich, only 5% of the worlds population really strive for the goal, are ready for hard work and do not recognize compromises. Reading the ideology and positioning of the line of this sports nutrition, I catch myself thinking that in many ways Rich Piana was right.

Being the head of this ambitious project and at the same time the face of the brand, Piana put all his soul and all the time into his promotion. As he himself said, the usual duration of his working day was 14-16 hours, and in search of effective advertising strategies, he made non-standard moves. For example, calf tattoos.

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Rich Piana photo 6

Rich Piana | Walking advertisement of own brand of sports nutrition

Rich Piana | Walking advertisement of own brand of sports nutrition

At the last Olympia, Piana parked in front of the entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the competition itself and the accompanying exhibition took place, her monster truck, decorated with a 5% sports nutrition emblem. It was impossible to park there, but the tow truck could not take such a huge car. Piana paid several thousand dollars in fine, but received a scandalous and very noticeable advertisement, incomparable in cost with its effect.

Favorite toys of Rich Pian and at the same time means for brand promotion 5%

Favorite toys of Rich Pian and at the same time means for brand promotion 5%

He generally related to everything that he did with full dedication, which, as a result, brought him, albeit not unequivocal, but worldwide fame and a multi-million state.

Conclusion:whoever, whatever they say, but any sport brings up character in the first place. The ability to set a goal and achieve it became a huge help for Rich in the battle to promote his own brand of sports nutrition.

Rich Piana and Ponte

Watches, cars and sneakers. So Rich Piana characterized his hobbies. Huge Swiss wristwatches Invicta, BMW 6 Series Convertible and adidas amazing collection of sneakers. But, as they say, its better to see once, therefore, let Rich Piana himself talk about his favorite toys.

Conclusion:To someone, Piana would seem like a braggart and a poseur, but that was his image: brutal, aggressive and very expensive things on display only added Pianas to fans. The absence of such attributes of wealth would never be forgiven him.

Rich Piana and women

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Rich Pians personal life was not a secret for anyone, because the more frank you are in your video blog, the higher his rating. Richs wedding with Sarah Khamis, their age difference and subsequent divorce was not discussed only by the lazy. Our hero wanted it or not, but all the hype around him only contributed to the growth of sales of his sports nutrition. And it was like that ...

Sarah Hamis (Sara Heimis), Icelandic descent was a well-known fitness model that often appeared on the pages of Muscular Development magazine. As evil tongues used to say, in order to advance in the fitness industry, she inserted silicone implants into her chest and lips, but apparently Ryan Pian did not bother. He has synthol, Sarah has silicone, everything is fair.

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Rich Piana photo 7

Rich Piana and Sarah Hamis | Two stars of the modern fitness industry

Rich Piana and Sarah Hamis | Two stars of the modern fitness industry

They got married after three months of meeting, he was 44 then, and she was only 26. All friends dissuaded Pian from this marriage, but he did not want to hear anything. The wedding was played on September 17, 2015 in Las Vegas at the hour of the next Olympia and the ceremony, as expected, was held in a crazy-bodybuilding atmosphere. Before the ceremony, the newlyweds exchanged tattoos. Rich's hand was adorned with the inscription king, and the word queen appeared on Sarahs hand. The bride was, as expected, in a chic long dress, but Piana was in shorts and a tuxedo without sleeves, showing the whole world her 60-centimeter arms, fully covered with tattoos.

Rich Piana photo 8

The Wedding of Rich Pian and Sarah Hamis

The Wedding of Rich Pian and Sarah Hamis

After the wedding, Sarah became not only the wife of our hero, but also the face of the brand that he produces sports nutrition. They moved to a new home, trained together and were engaged in business together. But then one day, Rich caught his newly-made wife for conducting unauthorized financial transactions. In simple terms, Sarah stole money from Rich. And having overheard a little later the conversation of his wife with her mother, who lives in Iceland, he learned that everything was started with the aim of obtaining Sarah American citizenship. Love immediately ended and Rich filed for divorce.

But our hero did not grieve for long. A couple of months after the release of the video about the breakup with busty Sarah, he posted a new video, where he was already talking about his new / old and no less busty passion, Chanel Janseen. That attracted Rich to sexy blondes of Scandinavian origin, and thats it. Chanel and Rich had known each other for a long time, they were tied together by close personal and business interests, but when the insidious Sarah appeared on the horizon, Chanel's stocks plummeted.

Rich Piana photo 9

Rich Piana and Chanel Jansen

Rich Piana and Chanel Jansen

Now Sarah could not stop them, and the old passion flared up again. Three days after the termination of the old relationship, Rich met his former love early in the morning in the gym. Their relationship lasted another 9 months, and the phrase:Rich piana died, she was the first to say.

Conclusion:Despite all its wealth and popularity, Rich Pians personal life was rather difficult, because when you are a millionaire, it seems that everyone around is hunting for your money. Which in the case of Sarah Hamis turned out to be true.

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Rich Piana is dead. Causes of death of Rich Pian

The day of August 7, 2017 for Chanel Jansen and Rich Pian began as usual. After a photo shoot at Powerhouse Gym, the couple returned home, and Rich asked his girlfriend to cut it. During the haircut, Piana lost consciousness, fell and hit his head hard on the sink. Chanel immediately called 911.

Upon arrival, the doctors found a white powder and a tube for inhaling it, so they immediately suspected an overdose of drugs. Although, as Chanel claimed, Rich was thus breathing in through his nose his favorite pre-workout complex, manufactured under the Kill It brand.

Nobody knows what the powder was, but the rescue service doctors administered two doses of an anti-narcotic drug to unconscious Rich and took him to the hospital. There, against a background of a closed head injury, he was immersed in a medical coma. After 18 days, on August 25, Rich Piana died without regaining consciousness.

Rich Piana photo 10

Rich Piana | Autopsy results

Rich Piana | Autopsy results

In fact, he began to have health problems for a long time. In the summer, doctors re-diagnosed his initial stage of skin cancer, but that was not the cause of his death. As the autopsy performed by a medical expert showed, Rich Piana had a whole bunch of health problems:

  • Enlarged heart, pronounced heart disease
  • Coronary atherosclerosis
  • Fatty liver degeneration
  • Contaminated Thyroid
  • Contaminated kidneys
  • Ischemia and inflammation of certain parts of the brain
  • Ascites, accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • Microabscesses in the lungs

Although a toxicological analysis for the presence of alcohol and drugs in the blood was carried out, it was not mentioned in the report. Unequivocalthe cause of death of Rich Pianthe autopsy report was not called, because Sports nutrition that can help in losing weight Rich Piana died after hitting the pathologists table after 18 days in a medical coma.

Conclusion:If we talk about the above health problems, we can assume that impaired functioning of the heart muscle became a decisive factor that caused the death of Rich Pian

For me, the results of Pian's autopsy were a real shock. The diseases of the body indicated in the report did not surprise me at all, in the end, you cant inject your entire life with the most toxic chemistry and hope that it does not cause health problems. I was struck by the abundance of his diseases and the degree of their neglect. I believe that being a very rich person with a lot of free time, Rich Piana should have devoted more time to his health, rather than advertising his sports nutrition everywhere. Perhaps he considered himself a true minion of fate, an unsinkable cruiser and thought that he would live forever? Who knows, but this side of our heros life remained a mystery to me.

I spoke far from all aspects of the life of this non-standard, scandalous, shocking and bright person. He was too lively and did not fit into the generally accepted bodybuilding hangouts. But they forgave him all this, for Rich Piana, the only one who spoke the whole truth about bodybuilding, no matter how unsightly she was. Millions of people respected him, listened to him and loved him. That was how he was, Rich Piana. R.I.P. RICH PIANA

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