Rich Piana The Truth About Sportspit

Rich Piana recently gave a scandalous interview, where he told the Sports nutrition, with apifitoproduktami as antidoping whole truth about sportpit from A to Z.

And so, we will talk about marketing, it will be discussed today. Let me remind you of something. Sports nutrition brands hire athletes to present their products, and they get paid for it. In reality, they may not even use these products, but, receiving money, they commit themselves to inform you that they accept them, and not just accept them, but also grow on them. So, I was always sure that everyone knew about this, but judging by your comments, you do not quite see the whole picture as it actually happens.

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Let me give you an example: Michael Jordan has starred in an underwear advertisement. I donít know about you, but I know that Mike certainly did not hold the products of this company in his hands. He wears Italian clothes, not made in the USA, but brought straight from the Apennines. So, if you believe that Jordan wears exclusively contracted clothes and you go to the store and buy it only because Michael wears it, well, what can I say, I already have no questions for you guy, your life was a success.

Seriously, you know me, I am an open person, I always tell the truth, that's how I work. I am one of the first, if not the first, to tell you the truth for the first time about what I am going to tell.


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The whole truth about the sports supplement industry

And today we will talk about the industry of sports supplements. Most modern teenagers who play sports have some kind of idols, they look at them and imitate them, it is their protein that they go and buy. If your idol is Jay Cutler, you go to the store and buy his protein, because it's Jay Cutler.

Phil Scientific strategy of losing weight - how to burn subcutaneous fat and remove the stomach Heath - Mr. Olympia. If he is your idol, then you go and buy his products. It just so happens that people mostly rely only on a wrapper, on a label. They donít even think about looking at the composition. Looked at the and say to yourself: " Oh my god, right there 11 grams of pure sugar per serving, maybe this is not the best product for my body?"

Most buyers do not. I want to convey to you a truth that you all will not like. Remember, real food is the best you can offer your body. Regular food, believe me, 6 times a day. Not three meals and 3 protein shakes, but 6 full meals.

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Replacing natural food with a weight gainer is not good, it will not affect your progress in the best way. You cannot reach your maximum, you cannot become the best builder, you will not become the Mens Physicist. Whatever you turn to, the best way to achieve your goals in bodybuilding is to eat natural foods, and never, no one will come up with a supplement that replaces nutrition. Of course, all manufacturers of sports food say the opposite, but thatís how they make money on bread with caviar. In reality, there is no substitute for ordinary food. When you wake up, you want to drink a chocolate cocktail, but this is not the best way to the goal. Instead, boil your eggs, cook oatmeal, eat it all.


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If it so happened that you have a limited budget, I donít want you to buy my products, itís better to buy simple food Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health, because it will lead you to the goal. Sports supplements - this is what you add to simple food, thatís the whole point. There are 6 meals, and some additional additives are added to them, this will already slightly increase the effectiveness of your diet, give you a little boost. Will it make you Mr. Olympia? Not. Will do like Rich Piana? Also no. But it will help you achieve your goals, your victories.

For 50 years, nothing has changed in the sports food industry: the same protein, the same gainers, that was, it remains. By and large, nothing has changed. You go to the store and think: "Which protein should I buy?" Yes, I donít know, close your eyes and poke your finger, it doesnít matter what you choose, because almost everything is made from the same protein mixture of one plant. Therefore, you can not rack your brains. There are practically no advantages of one product over another.

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Do not get fooled by ads, do not be addicted to your idols. If your hero says that you buy his products - do not be stupid, read the composition first. Always keep in mind that this guy receives money for offering you to buy his advertised product.

The most important thing that you need to understand is that the path to the world of bodybuilding lies through tremendous work and determination and no additives can replace this. There is simply no freebie in this sport.

Rich Piana, accept them, achieve your, achieve your goals