Alvarez hair test showed no clenbuterol

Mexican boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez at the request of the Nevada Sports Commission, he did a doping test of hair follicles for clenbuterol, and it turned out to be negative Exercises for hands exercises with dumbbells on all muscle groups, which confirms the Mexican version that the reason for the positive doping tests for clenbuterol was the consumption of meat containing this substance.

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Hair samples were taken on March 29, and on April 20, the American SMRTL laboratory, accredited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), reported that no clenbuterol was found in the samples, Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett told ESPN. It is believed that this test is more informative, since clenbuterol persists in the urine for up to a week after use, and in the case of prolonged use it accumulates and lasts up to six months or more.

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“The fact that the test requested by the Commission turned out to be negative for clenbuterol should eliminate all suspicions that Alvarez deliberately took the illegal drug,” said Eric Gomez, president of Golden Boy Promotions, to ESPN. - Canelo can't wait to start training again and return to the ring in September. He thanks all his fans for their support and believes How to remove the belly of 6 tips from Trainer that this doping test finally confirms that he is a pure boxer. ”

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“We wanted to comprehensively study the situation and offered this test, although we knew that, according to experts, it is very difficult,” Bennett said. - Determining the presence of clenbuterol in the hair follicles is a difficult process, but I talked with the director of SMRTL, Dr. Michael Eichner, and he said that they will do the test, although in the case of blond hair it is even more complicated. We sent them samples, and the result was negative. ”

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According to Oscar De La Hoya, promoter Alvarez, the boxer will soon resume participation in the VADA voluntary doping test program. “He will enter the ring in September, and he will undergo testing and Want To Buy Testosterone enanthate? Now You Can! abide by all the rules,” said De La Hoya. - Canelo is ready for any requirements from the Commission. We are waiting for a response from VADA about when it can start testing. He is ready to do everything he needs to justify himself, even pass a lie detector test. We intend to do this. He wants to prove that he is a pure boxer. "

Regarding the opponent for the planned fight on September 15, De La Hoya said the following. “First of all, we need to wait until the end of the Golovkin fight on May 5, and then we will think further, but Canelo will definitely enter the ring in September. Golovkin is a priority candidate, but we do not know what will happen on May 5. But Canelo will enter the ring in September, ”said the promoter.

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