Clenbuterol - beautiful muscles and a minimum of adipose tissue

Bodybuilding is rightly considered one of the most difficult sports. And the point is not only that to work on heavy simulators requires considerable perseverance and patience. In this sport, both strength and muscle beauty are of great importance - but the latter is achieved with great difficulty, and almost always athletes use auxiliary pharmacological preparations.

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The human body is designed so that adipose tissue accumulates in it much SPORTS FOOD - POPULAR ERRORS faster and easier than muscle. Therefore, to build beautiful muscles, you need to achieve two results at the same time - to create strong bulk muscles and minimize the fat layer that hides them. What tools can help solve this problem?

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Clenbuterol - a proven fat burner

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The drug Clenbuterol, which is actively used Sports nutrition for young football players recommendations in medicine, is also respected among athletes. It is an effective fat burner and allows you to quickly "bring to the surface" all the muscles hidden by the fat layer.

  • Clenbuterol accelerates the metabolism, due to which, with a balanced diet, all excess substances quickly leave the body without being processed into fat.
  • The drug slows down the process of lipase production - an enzyme responsible for the accumulation of adipose tissue. Thus, in principle, the absorption of fat by the body is reduced - and getting rid of it becomes easier.
  • Clenbuterol has a minimal catabolic effect. This means that in the process of "drying" muscle tissue almost does not suffer. Only the fat layer leaves, and the muscles themselves, earned by hard work, remain strong and embossed.

Clenbuterol can be used "solo" - but the maximum effect is achieved if combined with other drugs. The dosage of the pharmacological agent rises gradually - you Advantages and disadvantages of strength training for women should start with 20 micrograms and increase the dose to 120 - 140 micrograms. In total, the course of taking the drug lasts a month - it is important to follow the rules for using Clenbuterol, since in case of an overdose it can cause anxiety, sleep disturbances, trembling hands and nausea.

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