Clenbuterol for coughing

Modern pharmacology Testosterone Wuspension: Trends You Need To Know AboutTest Suspension cycle. The Most Amazing Testosterone Wuspension Steroid In Bodybuilding. The Most Effective Tactics Test For Susletes offers a wide selection of drugs that eliminate not only a coughing attack, but also the very cause of its occurrence. Clenbuterol for cough is officially recognized as one of the most effective and universal drugs. The syrup has mucolytic and expectorant properties, due to which it is possible to eliminate protracted andcoughing.

  • The composition of the drug
  • Indications for use of syrup
  • Instructions for use and dosage
  • Contraindications
  • Feasible side effects
  • Analogs of the drug Clenbuterol


The composition of the drug

The pharmacological agent Clenbuterol belongs to the groupbronchodilators, whose action is aimed at stopping bronchospasm. Its main active ingredient is Clenbuterol hydrochloride, which has a bronchodilating effect.

CompositionIn addition to the main component, the drug contains the following substances:

  • Citric acid, which creates an acidic environment in the inflammatory focus, adversely affecting pathogens.
  • Sorbitol is a sweetener that improves the taste of syrup. Its presence is important for people who have contraindications for the use of sugar.
  • Glycerin Extractraspberries, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, acting as auxiliary components.

These substances in the complex have a powerful effect on the respiratory system. They allow you to get rid of cough and contribute to a speedy recovery.

Indications for use of syrup

Clenbuterol cough syrup is only possible after consultation with your healthcare professional, as it is a fairly powerful drug. According to the instructions, the medicine is prescribed for patients who have the following diseases:

Clenbuterol is taken for allergic cough

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Clenbuterol is taken for allergic cough

  • asthmatic cough syndrome (bronchial asthma orasthmatic bronchitis);
  • dry cough that develops with tracheitis;
  • allergic cough(syrup is used for symptomatic treatment in combination with the parallel use of antihistamines);
  • diseases caused by an infection of a viral or bacterial nature (with laryngitis, flu, colds, pharyngitis and pneumonia);
  • chronic and advanced form of cough.

The syrup is especially effective in dealing with dry throat and relaxation of the muscles of the bronchi, helping to discharge a large amount of sputum and get rid of cough syndrome.

Doctors prescribe Clenbuterol for coughing due to a violation of the integrity of the respiratory tract. In such a situation, the drug must be taken in parallel with antiseptics in order to avoid infection of tissues and the further spread of infection.

Instructions for use and dosage

Before taking Clenbuterol drug syrup, you should read the instructions for its use. The exact dosage of the drug is determined in accordance with the age of the patient. To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of an overdose.


Adult Admission Scheme

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Adult patients and children over 12 years of age must take syrup twice a day, 15 ml after a meal, or 30 minutes before a meal. In more severe cases, the doctor may increase the dosage. For convenience, it is recommended that you use the included measuring spoon.

Rinse throat with warm water or weakchamomile solutionbefore using the product. This is done in order to cleanse the pharynx from sputum and food debris. Otherwise, the components of Clenbuterol will not work properly, which will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Admission of syrup to adults 30 minutes before a meal

Admission of syrup to adults 30 minutes before a meal

Dosage for children

Most often, the medicine is prescribed for children over 6 years old. But Clenbuterol is also allowed in infants whose weight exceeds 4 kg. Since the medicine has a pleasant raspberry taste, its administration in children does not cause difficulties.

Like adults, a child should take syrup twice a day before or after a meal. Single doses of the drug, based on the age of the child, will be as follows:

  • younger than 8 months - 2.5 ml;
  • from 8 months to 2 years - 5 ml;
  • reaching 2-4 years - 7.5 ml;
  • 4-6 years - 10 ml;
  • 6-12 - 12-15 ml.


The permissible duration of use of Clenbuterol is 37 days, then you need to stop taking it.

Use during pregnancy

It is not recommended to take Clenbuterol syrup in the treatment of cough for pregnant women in the first and third trimester, as well as in the later stages, since the drug contains substances that suppress labor. Also, its use is contraindicated in breastfeeding, since there is the possibility of removing the drug with mother's milk. The use of a syrup analogue for steam inhalation is recommended.

Do not take syrup in the last months of pregnancy

Do not take syrup in the last months of pregnancy


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Clenbuterol syrup, like most medicines, can cause an ambiguous reaction to its use. Therefore, there are a number of certain contraindications that are stipulated in the attached instructions:

Clenbuterol Syrup is prohibited in violation of heart rhythm

Clenbuterol Syrup is prohibited in violation of heart rhythm

  • The presence of hypersensitivity to one or more components of the drug, especially for substances with a high concentration.
  • Heart rhythm disorders, such as tachycardia, ischemia, thyrotoxicosis. Take caution in taking a history of myocardial infarction.
  • Pathology of the thyroid gland.
  • Pregnancy in the first and third trimester, breastfeeding.
  • Use with caution in the presence of renal or liver failure.
  • A vivid manifestation of side effects.
  • In the presence of certain eye diseases, in particular with glaucoma.
  • An unstable or compensated type of diabetes.

The presence of a large list of contraindications forces you to seek the advice of a specialist. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication.

Feasible side effects

An adverse reaction to clenbuterol hydrochloride during its administration most often occurs due to a dosage violation or insufficiently careful study of contraindications.

Using Clenbuterol can cause the following side effects:Side effects

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  • from the nervous system: tremor of small muscles, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, dizziness;
  • from the circulatory system: tachycardia, a sharp change in blood pressure, facial hyperthermia, anginal pain syndrome;
  • from the hematopoietic system: a decrease in the concentration of potassium and platelets;
  • from the digestive system: diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth;
  • from the genitourinary system: urination disorder;
  • allergic reactions: bronchial spasm, urticaria, itching, rashes on the skin;
  • others: muscle cramps, severe sweating Remove belly 7 super exercises.

If side effects occur during the use of the drug, it is necessary to consult a treating specialist for advice.

Analogs of the drug Clenbuterol

In the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the syrup, it is allowed to replace it with a proven analog. In pharmacies, there are many drugs based on other active substances, but similar in their effect.

The most famous analogues of Clenbuterol are:

  • Pertussin, consisting of synthetic and plant components, its main elements are potassium bromide and thyme extract.
  • Codelac, in which the main active ingredient is butamirate.
  • Synecode(active substance is butamirate).
  • Omnitus, the active substance of which is butamirate.
  • Berodual, comprising 2 main components: fenoterol, ipratropium bromide.
  • Bronchoril containing the active active ingredient - salbutamol.


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The above drugs contribute to easier coughing up sputum and are better tolerated by patients who have an allergic reaction to Clenbuterol.

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