SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata

Exercises according to the tabat principle, they not only burn body fat, but also improve their general physical condition. Therefore, they are often included in the training program of professional athletes and the military.


SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



The abdomen, sides, buttocks are the most problematic areas of fat accumulation. They become the main obstacle to the formation of an ideal silhouette, hiding bends of the body underneath. Tabata allows you to get rid of hated fat in order to find a truly beautiful and fit figure.

This principle of training for a month and a half helps not only to lose weight, but also to be fully prepared for the upcoming vacation season, especially for those who are going to the beach. Along with the quick effect, tabata does not require much time. The technique is ideal for busy people who do not have the opportunity to find a window in their schedule for a full hour of training.

Tabata: training program and important rules

  • What is tabata?
  • System Details
  • The purpose of the Tabata complex
  • What are the contraindications?
  • Tabata Training Program
  • Important Rules
  • General recommendations
  • It is interesting to know.

Exercises on the principle of tabata not only burn body fat, but also improve overall fitness. Therefore, they are often included in the training program of professional athletes and the military. Not all practitioners fitness-trainers take the technique seriously. They are of the opinion that such exercises should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

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This position of instructors is understandable. By independently training and mastering an effective set of exercises at home, a person simply no longer needs to attend a gym.


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SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



What is tabata?

This is an interval high-performance workout program. It is performed with alternating loads and rest. Each individual approach takes about four minutes. Classes are recommended to be held every other day.

Performing workouts allows you to not only get rid of fat accumulations, but also stimulate muscle growth. As a result, the body becomes not only slim, but also acquires a beautiful relief. The effect of exercise is much higher than that of normal aerobic exercise.

System Details

Tabata is a complete substitute for going to the gym or exercising in the fitness group. The implementation of exercises within the system is subject to the following fundamental principles:

  • intense loads for 20 seconds;
  • a rest pause of about 10 seconds;
  • repetitions of at least 8.

Each individual approach is about four minutes. The optimal number of approaches, guaranteeing a high return on training, is five. If the level of training allows, this number can be increased. Be sure to take a minute rest break after each approach. Train every other day. The main goal should be high-speed exercise without losing equipment.

Tabata does not require the use of any special devices.The free area, which is tedious for the exercise, is no more than two square meters. This served as the reason that the system is often called “prison training”. Another feature of the technique is the impossibility of holding the breath.

Intense loads dramatically increase the amount of air required. Breathing becomes more frequent. This has a direct effect on losing weight. Tissues are intensively enriched with oxygen, as a result of which the subcutaneous Stanozolol Injectable Steroids - Bodybuilding - Steroids - USA fat begins to oxidize, and therefore decrease.

Muscle tissue is nourished by the release of energy. They are actively involved in the work. Blood is intensively saturated with oxygen, which increases the metabolic rate, and, therefore, the process of losing weight starts.

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SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



The purpose of the Tabata complex

The first to test the action of the system on themselves was athletes. The research was aimed at establishing whether the degree of oxygen saturation of muscle tissues changes and whether overall endurance increases.

Along with the confirmation of these factors, it was revealed that the fat layer is becoming much smaller. The use of L-carnitine and similar sports supplements allows to increase the achieved effect.

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Engaged in the system is recommended to absolutely everyone who wants to find the coveted harmony. Weight loss is not the only positive effect. Tabata increases stamina and trains the heart.

What are the contraindications?

The system is not suitable for beginners. If the level of physical fitness is practically zero, then the body will not be able to immediately adapt to high loads. It’s better to first engage in a less intensive principle, and after a while timestart this training.

Exacerbation of cardiovascular pathologies is another obstacle to training. This is due to the fact that already in the first minute of training, beginners notice a feeling of how the heart jumps out of the chest.

Contraindications include varicose veins. Refuse intensive training is necessary for women in an interesting position. Experts recommend abstaining from exercises during the menstrual cycle.

SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



Tabata Training Program

It is necessary to start training exclusively with a warm-up, regardless of the duration of the lesson. The muscles can be warmed by inclinations, squats, rotations and lunges. To develop a heart, you should jump for a few seconds. You can work out any muscles, but experts recommend choosing a program in which load goes either from bottom to top, or from top to bottom.

Beginners should choose exercises that work out various muscle groups. These include: tilt squats, lunges, jumps. It is best to build a training experience, that is, individually. The main thing is that at least 8 repetitions are performed in 20 seconds.

Exercises with which to start the complex:

Push ups

It is not necessary to take emphasis lying down. The support can fall on your knees or on a sofa or fitball.


The correct execution technique assumes that the knee joints remain behind the toes, and the pelvis moves back. The muscles of the legs during the squat are kept in good shape. Legs should not be fully extended. To increase the intensity allows jumping, not raising.


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Do on each leg. In other words, 8 repetitions on each side, and not 4 times. They become even, make the widest possible step forward, bending the worked leg in the knee 90 degrees. It is necessary to ensure that the leg that remains in place also bends and practically touches the floor with the knee. The back should remain straight, the body should be perpendicular to the floor surface or slightly inclined forward. To complicate the task allows the alternation of legs in a jump, and not a permutation.


Take a prone position. Legs raise 45 degrees up and quickly cross. Beginners can ease 7 Trenbolone before and after awesome benefits you will love the task by placing their hands under the buttocks or raising their legs to a larger angle.

Knee lifts

Get straight. Hands are bent at the elbow joints. The right elbow is connected to the left elbow, and then the sides are changed. You need to do this as quickly as possible to get peculiar bouncing.

Running from a prone position

Take the position of the strap with focus on the palm of your hand. The pelvis should not be lowered or raised. Alternately pull your knees to yourself, trying to reach your chest. An alternative variation involves breeding and mixing legs in a jump.

Pelvic lift

Lie down. Bend the knees placed at the width of the shoulder girdle. Buttocks compress. The pelvis is raised as high as possible. The elbow with the shoulders remain on the floor and straightened.


You need to lie on the floor and stretch your legs. To maintain balance, lean on the palms or elbows. The legs are torn off the floor, bent at the knees, pulled to the chest.

This exercise list is not final.. There are many ways to build training. The main thing is to give all your best in 4 minutes.

Trained people can begin to carry more weighty loads. They can do burpies with push-ups. It is made from a standing position. Sharp bend forward. Lean on hands. Withdraw, taking a jump, legs back and push ups. Return to the starting position is done in the same way, but in the extreme position they jump and clap their hands.

SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



Important Rules

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The Tabat system implies strict observance of several points:

1. No self-pity. To achieve the desired result, you must perform at least 8 repetitions per exercise. Otherwise, there will be no effect.

2. Quickly find a slim silhouette, if there is an excess of mass, allows the complex, consisting of 5-8 approaches. Increase the load allow weighting and increase repetition.

3. To facilitate time control, use timers operating in the 20-10 mode. They inform about the completion of each stage by a characteristic sound signal.

4. It is necessary to deal exclusively in a well-ventilated area,because the body needs a lot of oxygen.

5. Before each training, a warm-up Training for slimming, sweeteners and problem areas is required. When the lesson is completed, do stretching.
To restore breathing, you need to spend about 10 seconds on a break, but do not talk at this time. You should not stand in one place, it is better to walk slowly.

6. Obtaining the maximum effect after a few weeks after training allows compliance with the above recommendations. It is especially important to control nutrition. You can not lose weight if more than 3,000 kilocalories are consumed per day.

General recommendations

It is quite difficult for an unprepared body to hold out for 7-8 rounds; you should start with 4 or 5 repetitions. The number is gradually increasing. You can train according to one of the following schemes:

  • perform each exercise 8 times without stopping, pumping different muscle groups in the approaches;
  • all 8 rounds should do a variety of exercises that are repeated after a minute pause;
  • do everything in pairs, for example, jumping in rounds 1 and 2, and then squats in 3 and 4, and from the next repeat everything again.

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When a decision has been made to train in the tabata system, you must do the following:

1. Make sure that there are no problems with the heart muscle and blood vessels.

2. Before training, you always need to first hone the technique, and then do a full lesson.

3. Use a timer to maintain an interval of 20-10.

4. The load must be increased gradually either by increasing the number of repetitions, or by means of weighting agents.

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SUPER slimming exercises Izumi Tabata



It is interesting to know.

Tabata was developed in Japan and named after the name of its creator.I am Dr. Izumi Tabata, who worked on the system with the Institute of Fitness and Sports. In 1996, in the course of a month and a half experiment, they proved the effectiveness of the technique when the athletes:

  • increased endurance by 28%;
  • the ability to absorb oxygen by tissues increased by 15%;
  • significantly reduced layer of subcutaneous fat.

The indicators were compared with similar data for athletes involved in simulators.

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