TABATA 11 required exercises

Most of these exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime. All you need is a set of sportswear and a desire to work.



TABATA: 11 required exercises



Ten minutes later, suffocating and wiping sweat from my face, I realized that 4 minutes of interval training using the Dumbbell exercises for beginners Tabata system is not a joke. Greatist Senior Researcher David Tao helped me “study” Tabata, and after each series of exercises with medbol, twisting and squats, I felt exhausted (imagine how I felt the next three days).

Ta-ba-ta - all you need to know

Tabata is a system of short interval training with a high load intensity, developed by a Japanese professor, Dr. Izumi Tabata, for training Olympic skaters.

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First of all, find the clock with a timer, as this training method attaches great importance to time.

Basic Tabata Training Formula - 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, the cycle repeats from 6 to 8 times (the entire exercise takes from 3 to 4 minutes). Everything is very simple - a ratio of 20/10 has shown effectiveness in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, allowing you to speed up your metabolism more efficiently than traditional long workouts.

For such short periods of time, the body resumes work, not having time to really recover from the previous load. To get the most out of this technique, you need to take these 20 seconds of physical activity seriously, and the key to success lies in completing the maximum number of approaches.

Sometimes between 6 and 8 repetitions, the body begins to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen, so be prepared for cramps in the muscles and heat in the lungs.

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Among the positive aspects of this method, it should also be noted that a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise triggers the "domino effect", so that burning calories in the body continues for a long time after you leave the room and go to the shower.

Tabata bim, Tabata bom! - your action plan

Tabata is more a formula than a separate method, and the possibilities that training on this system offers are simply endless.

  • Do you like weight training? Perform a series of push ups.
  • Do you like to swim? Wear a hat and swimming trunks and make a series of free-style heats.

As with any training program (and the Tabata system involves very intense workloads), you need to consult a trainer to get information about the rules of work on the system.

When it comes down to the matter, the right technique becomes critical, it is it that determines whether you will enjoy the result, or become a regular in the physiotherapist’s office.

To help us evolve from newcomers in the Tabat field to a professional, we turned to the biggest names in this area: Greatist Trainers and Experts Ilen Bell and Kelvin Gary. Bell and Gary picked up one or two of the best exercises for each part of the body; either exercises or body weight are used to complete the exercises. Each of these 4-minute workouts involves a heavy load (would you see my four-headed the muscles after a series of squats), so it's best to start with one or two exercises per day. Between 4-minute exercises, you can relax for several minutes, after which you can return to classes with renewed vigor.


TABATA: 11 required exercises



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Whole body

1. The emphasis crouching: start the exercise while standing, then sit down and take a sitting position with your hands on the floor. Then bring your legs back, and then do a push-up. After the push-up is complete, return to the sitting position. Finishing touch? Jump up as high as possible, and after landing, again take the position of the stop crouching.

Lower body

2. Squats with a jump: stand and spread your legs shoulder width apart, socks forward. Accept the crouch (legs must be kept parallel), then lift the whole body up through the heels, transferring the weight to the front of the foot while lifting. You need to land on the front of the foot, and then immediately bend your legs and take the stop position crouching. Make sure your knees do not swing side to side while squatting or landing after jumping.

3. Lunge jump: start the exercise while standing, legs together, and then bring forward the right leg, bending it at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees and holding the body vertically. Then jump straight up, and during the jump, change legs and land with your left leg thrown forward.

4. Squat with a weight: Take grief and lift to the central part of the chest, and then do a squat. Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, hips over your knees, knees over your calves. Breathe in and relax your hips and begin to bend your knees. Keep your body and shoulders upright, continuing to squat until your hips are at an angle of just over 90 degrees from the ground. Then straighten your legs, using the whole body and lifting with the help of primarily the hips.

Kettlebell Exercise

5. Swings of a weight: Stand straight, spread your legs a little to the sides. Take the weight with both hands, palms down, hands in front of the body. Bend your knees slightly, and take your hips and pull the steroids pills kettlebell back (this is not a squat, so you don’t need to bend your knees much), lower the body slightly, taking the athlete's pose. In one smooth movement, sharply raise your hips up, swinging the weight, using the body and buttocks.

TABATA: 11 required exercises



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Upper body

6. Push-ups: take a horizontal position, put your hands on the floor and spread a width slightly wider than your shoulders. During movement, the elbows must be kept as close to the body as possible. Place your feet on the floor and tighten your stomach and back to keep your body horizontal. Lower the body in a straight line until the chest touches the floor. Then tighten the body and return the body to its original position.

7. Lifting weights above the head with a neutral grip: Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Lift the weight to your shoulders, keeping your arms turned towards each other, and your Trenbolone cycle - Change Your Body elbows below your wrists. Raise the weight up until the arms are fully extended, then lower the weight to the height of the shoulders.

Cardio load

8. Sprint: To use high speed, make sure you are able to withstand this feature. Straighten your posture, raise your eyes up, relax your shoulders, straighten your chest, wave your arms up and down at an angle of about 45 degrees.

9. Exercise bike or rowing machine: we hope you don’t need to explain how to use the exercise bike, but with a rowing machine it’s much more complicated. First, place your feet on the footrest, sit and straighten the body, then grab the handle of the treadmill. Drive forward and bend your knees, stretch your arms forward.

While in the starting position (called the “grab”), sharply straighten your legs, performing a push back. When the legs are almost fully extended, tilt the body back and pull your arms so that the arms almost touch the chest. At this point, you need to relax, stretching your arms forward, return the body to a vertical position and bend your legs, returning to its original position.


10. Twisting in Russian: sit on the floor, bend your knees, bring your feet together and lift a few inches above the floor. Lift your back at an angle of 45 degrees, turn your arms to one side and the other, performing twisting. Movements must be performed very slowly, completely twisting the shoulders in one and the other direction.

11. Ski twists: Take a position similar to that of push-ups, hands are on the floor shoulder width apart, strain the press. Pull your legs, bending them at the knees and pressing them to the body on the left side of the body. Straighten your legs and repeat the action, pressing your legs to the body on the right side.

With the exception of kettlebell exercises, most of these exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime. All you need is a set of sportswear and a desire to work. To track your own progress and measure time, download the Tabata timer app.

To prevent injury, consult with a trainer to make sure that your fitness allows you to perform exercises with a given intensity.

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