Tabata exercises for beginners

If there is absolutely no time to visit the gym, then Tabata interval training will help to put the figure in order - this is an incredibly powerful tool for those who want to lose weight and put the figure in order.

The idea of ??creating the method belongs to the Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata, who devoted his scientific life to the study of sports medicine. Studies to identify the effectiveness of short interval training were conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the Tokyo National Sports Institute in 1996.

The complex was tested on professional athletes, which allowed to reduce the study time. The result of the systematic performance of the exercises was an increase in the anaerobic power of athletes by 30%. Before the appearance of this complex, it was impossible to achieve similar results in six months without the use of pharmaceuticals.


one. What are the features of Tabat?

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2. How to track the result?

3. What exercises are suitable for training?

four. A sample set of exercises for training

five. Contraindications for interval training

6. Advantages of Tabata Training

7. Tabata Interval Timer

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What are the features of Tabat?

Tabata protocol is an interval exercise complex with high intensity of execution. In other words, the maximum effect in a short time.

The aforementioned studies have shown that performing one lap of interval training gives an effect equal to 60 minutes of slow running. It became a sensation of the outgoing century and a new era for fitness. A nice feature is the fact that the complex does not have to be completed every day. A standard 3 days of training per week will be enough to observe positive results!

The main effect A set of exercises with dumbbells at home of the Tabata system is achieved at rest, after training. Here it is no different from other classes - after the cessation of stress, the metabolism is accelerated. The effect lasts up to 5 days, moreover, the peak falls on 2 days after training, and then fades away. Therefore, systematic training is necessary to maintain a constant effect.

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1. Warm up. Any sport begins with a warm-up. When it comes to high intensity exercise, warming up is doubly important. Allow the kneading muscles for several minutes.

2. Training. The main part of the protocol consists of 8 rounds, lasting 20 seconds to complete the exercise, and 10 seconds of rest.
Each exercise should be performed with maximum intensity in order to achieve maximum muscle performance. To achieve the greatest effect, it is recommended to perform 3 workouts per day with an interval of 1-2 minutes.

3. Hitch. After completing the main load, it is necessary to relax the muscles. In sports circles, this is called a hitch. Perform some stretching exercises or, if possible, jog at a slow pace.

How to track the result?

To monitor progress as a result of running a protocol, simply add up the number of repetitions of each round. For example, 12 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 10 - 11 - 9 - 8 - the number of repetitions of each exercise. Add up, and you get 83 in total - this is your result. After the next workout add up the number of repetitions and get a new value. For the convenience of tracking results, enter them in an Excel chart or in special applications.

training results

What exercises are suitable for training?

The main criterion for choosing exercises for Tabat is to use the maximum number of muscles of different groups. When choosing exercises, remember that its implementation should NOT be physically easy, but technically simple.

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Standard exercises like push-ups, squats, twisting - suitable for training Tabat, which is another of its great feature.

A sample set of exercises for training

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1. Twisting. Press exercises have many variations, depending on the angle of the torso. You can perform standard twists Buy Drostanolone Propionate 100mg Phenom Pharmacy until your forehead touches your knees or crunches. Also suitable for the press are lifting legs (alternately and simultaneously), scissors or a bicycle.

2. Push ups. The bench press can be performed with different positions of the hands (wide, narrow, at shoulder level, palms inward or outward). For lovers of the crossbar - pull-ups with a wide, narrow, reverse grip.

3. Quick knees up. Good exercise if the goal is to burn fat. During execution, all muscle groups are involved (as in running), which is the main criterion for the protocol. Make sure that your knees rise to an even angle - not lower.

4. Health disk. The optimal exercise All Proven Ways To Buy Testosterone Cypionate 250mg that involves all muscle groups, including oblique abs. To add exercise to your workout you will have to go to a sports drive

5. The bike. Perform opposite movements with arms and legs (the elbow of the left hand should touch the knee of the right leg and vice versa). We tolerate 20 seconds, and after 10 seconds we rest.

exercise bike

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Tip:if the training day involves 2 or more repetitions of the protocol, then perform different exercises in each of them. For example, complete your first workout using the exercise of quickly raising your knees for 8 rounds. Rest for 1 minute. Then proceed to the second, but change the exercise, for example, to a health disk.

Contraindications for interval training

In general, all diseases for which high loads are contraindicated.

Advantages of Tabata Training

  • Simple exercises that do not require special training
  • Occupation can take place at home
  • No trainer and expensive simulators required
  • The effect in a short time (4 minutes)

Tabata Interval Timer

Convenience during training can provide special timers designed for different types of devices. For example, for the Android platform, an application called Tabata Timer is suitable, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Market.

Holders of devices on the iOS platform will have to pay for the useful Tabata Pro application, which is also available on android. The cost is $ 3.99.

tabata app

Installing applications will help you not to be distracted during training to stop and start the timer, which will achieve maximum effect. The interface is easy to understand and does not require a lot of time to familiarize.

The application uses voice commands, though in English. Also allows playing music and running the application in the background.

Tabata training has gained its popularity due to the simplicity of the exercises and the short training time. Westerners have long been in the habit of performing the complex during a break at work. Maybe it's worth a try?

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