Tabata for legs

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The calendar spring has started, which means that there is very little time left until the ladies pull off their warm tights, thick pants and flaunt the city in a thin capron, framed on one side by the seductive length of the skirt, and on the other by fashionable shoes . Are you ready for this wonderful transformation? If you notice that during the winter you gained extra pounds, your favorite skirt bursts at the seams in the hips, and the thighs and buttocks are covered with puffs of cellulite, you will need a real sports intensive for the lower body.

So that you do not have a reason to use the excuse of not having enough time for fitness, we want to offer you a short 13-minute sports set of leg exercises. So that in terms of efficiency it is not inferior to the classical hourly training, do it according to the systemtabata. This means that each exercise is performed not for a given number of repetitions, but for a while. To control this time, you will need a timer that can be downloaded Oral Turinabol Major Mistakes Most Steroids Users Continue To Make The Essential Guide To Turinabol Tablets For All Sports as an application on your smartphone. Next, proceed in the following order:

1. Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds.

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2. A short 10 second pause follows.
3. For each exercise, one by one, do 4 approaches.
4. After completing two exercises in this mode, you can rest a little longer - 40 seconds. However, during this break you do not just have to lie or sit. Better to walk around the room, drink some water.

In fact, the method described above is one training on the tabata system. Its duration is 4 minutes. But we will do three tabats in a row with the above 40-second break between each 4-minute block of two exercises.

The main advantage of this training is saving time without sacrificing results. Buttocks, hips and calves will burn. At the finish you will be exhausted and, to reach the end, you will have to give everything 100%. Be prepared for a serious cardio load. But the result is worth it: the legs will become slimmer in a matter of weeks.

After a small 5 minutewarm upgetting started.

Tabata No. 1

Exercise 30 exercises with dumbbells for those who want to pump the whole body number 1. Jump Squats

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Photo by Natalia Grishko

Initial position:standing, feet shoulder width apart.
The sequence of movements: to crouch, on the rise, to bring the legs together, to jump to spread the legs shoulder-width apart, to sit down again, on the rise to jump up without changing the position of the legs. We continue for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. We make 4 approaches. Change the exercise.

Exercise number 2. Skater

Photo by Natalia Grishko

Initial position:Same as in the previous exercise.

Sequence of movements: dooblique lunge backon one leg, with the opposite hand we touch the floor, the other straight arm we take back, then we jump into the same lunge on the other leg, change the position of the hands. At speed, our movements really resemble a skater. We continue for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. We make 4 approaches. This is followed by a 40 second break.

Tabata No. 2

Exercise No. 3. Lunging back with a high knee jump

Photo by Natalia Grishko

Initial position:same as in the previous exercise.

Sequence of movements: we lunge back on one leg, then bring the knee of the same leg forward and up, stretch towards it with the elbow of the opposite hand and bounce. We continue for 20 seconds without changing legs, rest for 10 seconds. We do 4 sets on one leg, then 4 more sets on the other leg, followed by a 40-second break.

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Tabata No. 3

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Exercise number 4. Twist Squats

Photo by Natalia Grishko

Initial position:same as in the previous exercise.

Sequence of movements: we do a squat, on the rise we turn 90 degrees counterclockwise and again we perform the squat, on the rise we return to the starting position. We continue for 20 seconds, without changing the side of the turn, rest for How to remove the stomach for the summer of 5 most effective exercises 10 seconds. In the next approach, we make a turn clockwise. And so, from approach to approach, we change the direction of the reversal. In total, we do 2 approaches on one side and 2 approaches on the other, after which we change the exercise.

Exercise number 5. Climbing toes

Photo by Natalia Grishko

Initial position:the legs are wider than the shoulders, the legs are bent at the knees, the buttocks are lowered down until the thigh comes out parallel to the floor.

Sequence of movements: we rise on toes, we return on support on all foot. We continue for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. We make 4 approaches. The training is over.

Similar tabata-training is for the press, for the hands, etc. Day after day, you can alternate muscle groups that will receive such an intense tabata load. Then your body will develop harmoniously. And, of course, one cannot do without adjusting the figurenutrition regulation. It should be healthy, moderate and balanced. Then you will meet the warming in great shape, and all last year's outfits will be justified.

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