“Tabata. Interval training ”- an application that will quickly get you in shape

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training. Its main feature is the extremely low duration of the session (from 4 to 15 minutes). Using the application for Android, you can conduct training on this system.

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Tabata was developed by the Japanese Izumi Tabata, who in the 1990s conducted scientific research in search of the The effect of sports nutrition on men can you trust the brands of sports nutrition most optimal training duration. After a series of experiments, he came to the unexpected conclusion that short-term, but intense efforts give excellent results in training athletes.

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Classic protocol tabata implies performing exercises for 20 seconds at maximum speed and power, between which you need to make 10-second pauses for rest. Such cycles are repeated 8 times in a row and amount to 4 minutes in total. Surprisingly, in such a short time, you can sometimes burn more calories than for a much longer workout at a moderate pace.

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The application “Tabata. Interval training ”will help you do this system. In it you will find not only a special timer, but also a full range of exercises necessary for pumping various parts of the body.

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Tabata Interval Training: Home Screen Tabata Interval Training: Press

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When you start the program, you must Nandrolone decanoate (Deca) Chronic administration first select a set of exercises. Several workouts for the upper and lower body, hips, abs and so on are presented. If no complex suits you, then you can create your own.

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During the lesson, the application shows a large circular timer that counts seconds, and an animated picture showing the technique for each exercise. The lesson is accompanied by sound signals, so you can train and not look at the screen, especially if you already remember the sequence of exercises.

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Tabata Interval Training: Statistics Tabata Interval Workout: Notifications

For those users who want to engage in the Tabat system on an ongoing basis, the program has the ability to set up a training schedule and set reminders for yourself.

It is great that the application has statistics that clearly demonstrate your achievements. Among the additional pleasant things I would like to note synchronization with Google fit and the ability to save user data in the cloud.

Despite the fact that in Tabata. Interval training ”there is a large button for activation, all the features of the application can be used for free. And this button should be pressed if you Methenolone acetate Injectable Steroids - Bodybuilding - Steroids - USA want to reward developers for such an excellent program.

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