Tabata is the fastest way to lose weight

To become smaller by a size in a month, getting rid of excess fat only and strengthen muscle corset and get the desired cubes of the press? Can. We present you the Tabata system: for the strong in spirit.

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Tabata: the fastest way to lose weight

The Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata came up with the Tabat system in the mid-90s of the last century.

The Tabata technique, by its very nature, is a very intensive interval training that lasts only 5 minutes, but during this short period the metabolism swings so much that the body Tren Steroid and diets will help you be slim continues to burn excess fat for several hours after the completion of classes.

General Tabat Principle

  • 20 seconds: exercise;
  • 10 seconds: relaxation;
  • loop repeat.

In principle, almost any strength training is suitable for training on the Tabata system, the main thing is that your level of training allows you to perform 8 or more repetitions in 20 seconds. You can start with the simplest options: squats, lunges, lifting dumbbells or pushups. Once again: not the complexity of the exercise itself is important, it is important to perform it at the limit of possibilities and at the maximum speed. At the same time, there is a limitation in the direction of the maximum number of repetitions: no less than 8 in 20 seconds, but no more than 10.


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Beginner Exercise List

  • Push-ups: from the knees or full, from the position of the bar.
  • Twisting: lying on your stomach, lift the body, touch the ears with your palms, but DO NOT lay your head on your clasped palms.
  • Squats
  • Raising straight legs from a prone position.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells in a prone position and in a standing position.
  • French bench press: sitting on a chair and resting his hands on the seat, lower the buttocks to the floor, then raise.
  • Raises the knees to the elbows: try to touch the left knee of the right shoulder and the right knee - the left.
  • Lunges: alternately put your legs back, bend your knee 90 degrees so that Power interval training - Sunrise trainings it touches the floor.

Any of these exercises can later be complicated by adding dumbbells to your arms, an expander on your legs, or putting a pancake from a barbell on your stomach.

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How to train

1. Do not eat an hour before class.

2. Start with a warm-up: perform swings with your hands and feet, stretch your neck with rotational movements, make several bends forward and to the sides.

3. During training, watch your breath: exhale for effort, inhale for relaxation. For example, when push-ups, you lower yourself by inhaling, and straighten your arms as you exhale.

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4. Follow the diet: training and so on help you burn an average of 400 extra calories per day, so do not combine Tabata and diet!


  • You never did fitness at all. A sharp transition to heavy loads is very harmful!
  • If you have a cardiovascular disease, consult a cardiologist so as not to harm yourself.
  • Training is strictly contraindicated during the period of illness with acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections or the flu: do not force yourself!

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