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What if the time for a fitness club is sorely lacking? Try home express workouts using the Tabata method.

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Tabata protocol (official name) is a functional type of training and is considered a high-intensity load. This program was developed by the trainer of the Japanese skating team Irisawa Koichi. He invited his athletes to train in a special mode according to the following scheme:

1) 20 seconds of intense exercise + 10 seconds of rest = round.

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2) Perform 8 rounds, then rest for 1 minute.

It takes 4 minutes to complete 8 rounds. Ideally, these four-minute workouts should be repeated 4 times in a row. Taking into account minute breaks, the total training time is 20 minutes. To understand how effective such a program is, the team’s coach turned to Ritsumeikan University professor Izumi Tabate. The scientist conducted research and it turned out: for a month of such a training regimen, the endurance indicators of the cardiovascular system of athletes improved by 14%, and their muscles became stronger by 28%. In addition, metabolism and “burning” of subcutaneous fat accelerated. The data was published, and soon thisfitness programbecame very popular, for some reason received the name of the researcher, not the creator.

Important details

- Be sure to do a warm up and a hitch.

- Exercise should use as many muscles as possible.

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- Stop training immediately if you suddenly feel unwell. Do not try to master all 20 minutes the first time at any cost - it is quite difficult and depends on the level of physical fitness.

- The optimal training Some Stunning Examples Of Best Legal Steroids Athletes regimen is 2 days a week.

There are a lot of training options in the Tabat style. The main thing is that the 20-second load is really intense. You will understand this immediately by burning and weakness in the muscles during exercise. At such moments, the muscles receive insufficient “fuel” (ATP) and oxygen for their work, the body simply does not have time to supply them. It is under such conditions that anaerobic indices improve.

Within a 4-minute set (8 rounds), it is advisable to perform different exercises to engage as many muscle groups as possible. For example:

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one.     Running in place with knees high.During the run, bring your hands over your head and vigorously lower them down, bringing your elbows behind your back.

2.     Jumping Jack. Jumping with the simultaneous separation of the legs and arms to the sides.

3. Deep squats with arms extended above the head and a straight back.

Remember, Tabata is a high-intensity load, it is contraindicated in diseases of the heart or musculoskeletal system. If you have health problems, consult a doctor before starting workouts.

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four.      The sophisticated plank pose.From a standing position, slowly bend down, rest your hands on the floor, jump back, and take a position as for push-ups from the floor, fix the body and, jumping back, take the starting position.


First BASES OF SPORTS FOOD of all, monitor the speed and correctness of the exercises. Record the number of repetitions that you managed to do in 20 seconds, so you can watch your progress. A good result is 8-10 repetitions of the exercise. While resting, do not stand, march on the spot or walk around the room. Experts do not recommend the use of weighting materials and weights from the first lesson; for a start, master Tabata without them - the load should be increased gradually. If your imagination is not enough to diversify your workouts, consult the Internet. Many videos have been collected there, in which fitness lovers and fitness gurus show how they perform Tabata. You can join them and each time execute the program in a new way.

Tabata Training Options

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Regular activities speed 6 Testosterone Testosterone Enanthate up metabolism, help to get rid of excess fat, make the muscles more prominent and increase stamina. You will be able to work out the muscles of the back, abdomen, hips and buttocks, as well as deep stabilizing muscles that help maintain the spine in the correct position and improve the sense of balance and balance.

The first visible changes, as a rule, appear after 2 weeks of training. A study conducted in 2013 at Auburn University (USA), confirmed the effectiveness of the Japanese fitness program. For one minute of exercise using the Tabata method, a record 13.5 kcal is spent, and the metabolic rate increases by 2 times and remains at this level for 30 minutes after training.

What is needed for Tabata?

- Timer. There are a lot of Tabata timers in the network, which sound signals warn of a change in the phases of the load and rest. You can also download free apps for smartphones and tablets, or download a special mp3 file.

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- A towel.

- Water.

- Weights (weights, dumbbells, weights for arms and legs), but only if you feel ready for an additional load.

- Heart rate monitor for heart rate monitoring.

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