Tabata Protocol - Slimming Exercise System

From the world of professional sports came information about an effective fat-burning complex called Tabata Protocol.

The principle of exercises is simple - maximum physical attack for 4 minutes, alternating with breaks for rest.

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Its author is the Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata. The main thing to observe intervals: 20 seconds of movement and 10 seconds of subsequent relaxation.

What is Tabata Method

Everyone wants to get in shape, and with the advent of the tabata method, it became possible to lose weight at home. Training on the Tabat protocol is short-lived, but reinforced. This is a complex for women and men who want to lose weight or physically change for the better. Interval tabata exercises will do with the body in 4 minutes what is achieved in an hour of intensive training in the gym:

  • According to the technique, it is necessary to make a lot of movements in a short time.
  • It is necessary to give all the best for one hundred percent.
  • Alternate stages of intense exercise with moments of complete relaxation in the yoga system, abstracting Hair loss Guava Leaves Can 100% Stop Your from the world.
  • The effect is achieved due to interval Tabat exercises: performing a large number of exercises in 20 seconds alternates with a ten-second rest.
  • The row is repeated for 4 minutes. During the interval, you can do 8 exercises.
  • The result is the same as during an hour of work with fitness training equipment.

Tabata timer

To monitor the exercise cycle according to the method of the Japanese doctor, there is a tabata timer protocol. This is a stopwatch that divides the lesson into the following parts:

  • introduction;
  • voice command to start;
  • 20 seconds of pumping to music;
  • 10 seconds - pause.

For a beginner athlete, one approach is enough to reach exhaustion. Trained people can increase the set and adjust the time for themselves. The timer can be downloaded as an application to your computer, or used online. Four minutes of the countdown is divided into eight periods, the end of which is notified by a sound signal. The frequency and intervals of the fat burning complex can be changed.

Music for Tabata Workouts

The program has only one drawback - the inconvenience in measuring training time. In order to avoid this, use a timer application. The music is loading, it adapts to the exercises - it is divided into pieces with interruptions. You can use any music - jazz, classical, rock. The main thing is that the work lifts the spirit and helps withstand the load. There is special music for Tabat, it can be found on the Internet, listen to online or download to a smartphone.

Tabata Training

Tabat training has many advantages:

  • do not need a lot of space;
  • classes can be carried out at home;
  • a short period of time is required for classes;
  • four-minute physical activity burns more calories than an hour of exercise with exercise equipment.

Four minutes are divided into intervals: active classes alternate with rest. Only eight approaches, during which you can repeat the same action or devote each stage to different exercises - alternate squats, jumps, push-ups, swing legs, abs. If only one exercise is performed 8 times, the effect will be no less. During a short physical mobility, carbohydrates will be burned, as in an hour of jumping rope. Beginners will have enough lessons two to three times a week for four minutes. For trained athletes, the loads go with greater intensity.

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Slimming Tabata System

The protocol for slimming tabata, according to reviews, after five workouts will give the result. You will not achieve this in a regular gym. The benefit is that gymnastics tabata for weight loss in a short period of time stabilizes muscle tissue and tightens the stomach, by reducing body fat. In two months you can burn up to ten kilograms. Weight loss occurs the day after exercise.

Tabata for beginners

Those who are trying for the first time the protocol for losing tabata should set their sights on success. The load is heavy, you may want to quit. It is better to start, especially if the beginner is a woman, to engage in gentle mode. The endurance of the body is not yet great, therefore, in order not to harm, it is necessary to simplify the system. The fat-burning complex will also bear fruit at a simplified stage for beginners. Tips for Discoverers of the Tabat Method:

  • exercises for weight loss for beginners to take with a simple technique;
  • use one or two tasks from the proposed list;
  • reduce the number of approaches;
  • equalize intervals by duration - 15 seconds one time - 15 rest;
  • three minutes is enough for the first training;
  • alternate training days with recovery days;
  • monitor breathing, this is the key to burning fat.

Tabata exercise complex 4 minutes

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It may seem that four minutes is too simple and easy to lose weight, but it takes a lot of effort. You need such energy costs that after three months of work, the anaerobic ability of the body increases three times. Athletes after aerobic techniques that require up to an hour of workloads per day come to the same result. So why spend so much time to achieve the same result? Tabat method is an excellent complex to get in shape in a short time.

There is no special selection of exercises for the tabata charging protocol, the technique should be simple to perform. You can use a rope, weights, weights, barbell and other devices. Start with a warm up. Walking, squats, inclines, lunges will tone the muscles, make the blood circulate. Finish the workout with a hitch - a light walk will calm the pulse. Two hours before the War on Primobolan Depot steroid Brand Never Stop protocol for weight loss tabata do not eat, you can eat a banana.

Exercises for the Tabat protocol:

1. Feet: squats, swings, lunges, jumps, jumps, running in place.

2. Belly: pumping of the upper, lower, middle, oblique muscles of the press, tilting in different directions, twisting twists while standing and on the floor.

3. Back: exercises from a prone position, ups, bends, twisting, bending.

4. Hands: swings, punches, spins, push-ups.

5. Buttocks: swings lying or standing on all fours, squats.

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Tabata for the abdomen

Everyone dreams of a tucked up belly. Tabata press protocol will come to the aid of every person, without exception. You can devote the whole lesson to pumping the abdomen complete eight approaches of one exercise or work out eight different ones. Tilts to the side at different angles while standing, various training options in the supine position (for a more detailed review, see the video tabata press):

  • hands behind your head, swing the upper press;
  • lifting the body to bent knees;
  • draw the eight with raised legs;
  • bicycle.

Tabata leg exercise

To work out the muscles of the legs, it is recommended to do a squat tabata protocol, such exercises:

1. Put your feet together, squat without lifting your heels off the floor.

2. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the socks are deployed, the back is straight. Squat as low as possible, tearing your heels off the floor and lifting toes.

3. Very wide rack. We transfer the weight of the body from one leg to the other, crouching as low as possible on one leg, aligning the other.

4. Lunges forward, with the transfer of gravity.

5. Jumping with legs wide apart. We try to get in a jump knees to the stomach.

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6. Jumping alternately on each leg.

7. Swing legs.

Pros and Cons of Tabata

Until recently, it seemed that in order to give the desired shape to the muscles, it was necessary to spend many months and hours on fitness centers. With the advent of the tabata technique protocol, the impossible was reached: the scheme does what every man or woman dreams of. The program is convenient in that you can do it at home, in a small space and without financial costs. Cons - for classes, you definitely need a time timer. The effectiveness of tabata on the face:

  • will tone muscle mass;
  • burn excess fat;
  • strengthens the heart;
  • will increase stamina;
  • will increase resistance.

Contraindications Tabata

Training requires a lot of energy and creates a cardio load. Before becoming a fan of the tabat method, you need to consult a doctor. In order not to harm health, it is necessary to know about contraindications of tabata. With a cautious approach and on the advice of a doctor, you can Change fat for muscle - how to lose weight, strength, workout, index, mass, body choose the right complex for any situation. It is impossible to deal with the protocol in such categories of the population:

  • pregnant
  • people suffering from heart failure;
  • in the presence of atherosclerosis;
  • with umbilical hernia;
  • having varicose veins;
  • with hypertension;
  • with diseases of the back.

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