Tabata system 4-minute workout replacing fitness hour

Tabata system is a challenge to modern fitness centers and gyms.

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Because this method of intensive training proves that in 4 minutes of special training at a fast pace once a day, you burn more fat and lose weight faster than during an exhausting hour-long workout several times a week.

Japanese doctor invented this methodIzumi Tabataco-authored with a group of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

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Their pioneering research, completed in 1996 and published in the journal "Medicine and science in sports and training" (Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise), prove the significant advantages of high-intensity interval training - this is what Tabata training is called in the language of sports medicine.

In the course of the study, it was convincingly proved that only4 minutes of trainingaccording to the Tabata protocol, they can do more to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacities than an hour of endurance training.

More surprisingly, he concluded thatfat burningafter such a traininglasts for a daywith intensity exceeding ordinary aerobic training9 times!

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Four minutes a day according to the Tabata system - and your figure is in much better shape than that of fans of watch fitness Exercises with dumbbells Portal about sports, spectacular tricks, sports legends three times a week.

The essence of the Tabata system

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The meaning is simple:20 seconds of exercise at the fastest pace alternate with 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.

Exercise should be performed as intensively as possible. It is important to maintain the level of intensity and not lose body temperature. Your muscles should always be hot.

The most suitable exercises for Tabata training are complex exercises. It is important that the exercise involves as many muscle groups as possible: squats, lunges, abs, jumping in place with half-squats, an exercise bike, a treadmill.

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Also, for less trained and athletically savvy people, a small warm-up before training is recommended. So you get into the pace faster and take the load easier.

It is very important that 10 seconds of rest are absolutely calm. No conversations with friends, watching TV, drinking water or anything else that can distract you for a long time. Exactly ten seconds and not a second more should you rest.

The only thing you can do during this time is to change the How To Make Your Best Workout Friend Trenbolone Enanthate pose for another exercise and record the number of repetitions that you managed to complete in 30 seconds.

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The most suitable exercises for the Tabata system:

1) jumps with alternate lifting of the knees;

2) burpy with push-ups;

3) press to the right leg;

4) press to the left leg;

5) rises of the back lying on the stomach;

6) cardio training on a track or exercise bike;

7) squats.

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