Tabata - training at intervals

The authorship of this effective and at the same time simple preparation method belongs to the Japanese doctor and a group of researchers from the fitness institute in Japan. They found a technique that allows you to work simultaneously in two directions: it leads to the construction of muscles, and the rapid burning of fat. It all depends on the type of exercise - you can tighten the muscles and pump them up.

During the study, the doctor’s experimental group six weeks later showed an anaerobic power increase of twenty-eight percent and the ability to efficiently absorb oxygen by fourteen percent.

How Intensive Weight Loss Affects Female Physiology

Therefore, in the end, it was concluded that four minutes Stanozolol oral (Winstrol) Male Enhancement Walmart Work of training on the Tabata system are more effective than an hour of cardio training. Athletes who were involved in this program showed a loss of subcutaneous fat nine times more than athletes involved in cardio training.

What is the essence of the Tabata program?

After the usual warm-up, you should do the exercises according to the following plan:

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It is necessary for a short period of time (twenty seconds) to perform one of the exercises - push-ups, press, etc. - with the greatest efficiency. Then rest for ten seconds. And then repeat the same cycle eight times.

That is, those who train using such a system should choose one exercise of global impact and perform eight sets of twenty seconds each, between them there should be a pause of ten seconds. The total duration of such a workout is about four minutes: 8 cycles of 20 + 10 (rest). It is necessary to start training with a good supply of strength, but at its end, with the right load, you should not have any strength left.

It is very important to complete the exercise as fast as you can. Complex exercises are most effective. We need the exercise to involve as many muscle groups as possible - high jumps, squats, push-ups. Combinations of several exercises in one are especially good. For example, jump and push-ups, lifting legs and tilting.

So, the general principles by which to choose an exercise:

- it should be of global impact - that is, as many muscles of the body as possible, especially large ones, should be included;

- it is necessary to make the muscles work in anaerobic mode;

- he needs to be technically so as not to damage anything at runtime;

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- an exercise worth choosing so that in twenty seconds you can complete only eight or ten heavy repetitions.

Yes, try to find the right exercise for you that can connect all these requirements throughout all the sets.

Which exercises are best suited:

- rowing machine;

- Squat is an option that satisfies all conditions;

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- pull-ups - requires some preparation;

- jerks with a barbell, squats with a bench press - fit very developed and skillful, there is a risk.

As for rest, it should be exactly ten seconds, since it is important for us not to lose body temperature and intensity level during his time. Muscles must be hot. Remember that in these seconds you should not talk or watch TV, otherwise you will be distracted for a long time.

Remember to warm up and hitch. You can’t start a workout without warming up, and classes should not be cut off too. It is better to walk at a calm pace for five minutes.

Heavy Light Medium Training

The Tabata program is the best practice for burning fat, in addition, during exercise, the body's oxygen consumption increases. Although the training lasts only four minutes, but if you have never tried this technique before, it is better to start with light exercises. Do not underestimate the load.
For training, you should choose a special timeror hours by which you can track Testosterone Propionate: Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Test Propionate. The Juicy Tips On Testosterone PropionateThe Key Benefits Of Having Test Propionate the seconds, because you don’t want to count in your mind how many seconds have passed - because you should concentrate on the exercise itself.

In this technique, there is a system for measuring progress. For example, you do an exercise of 20-18-15-13-12-9-9-6 repetitions in thirty seconds, here is the last number 6 and is your level of progress, the “Tabat number”, you should strive to increase it. In addition, it is necessary to count the number of repetitions of each exercise. Naturally, the number of repetitions of the last exercise will be much less than the repetitions of the first. And then you need to add Secret Ways to build Stanozolol injection price Cycle up all the repetitions - this will be the sum of the points for the workout.

This technique is great for practicing at home, with regard to the frequency of training, then training every day is not necessary. Optimal are training two to three times a week.

The Tabata program is a high-intensity and at the same time short form of interval training. It works simultaneously on the muscular system and the cardiac system. It is carried out quickly, so it is ideal for women who do not have enough time and who seek, at the same time, to get rid of excess weight. The program is excellent for purposeful people who need quick results.

Free Weight Training For Women

After four or six weeks of training, you will notice significant changes in your body. Of course, like all physical exercises, Tabata will not do a miracle if you do not begin to control your diet - no hard diets are required (rather, even, on the contrary, the diet should be full), but calorie consumption and consumption must be balanced - You will only start consuming body fat and getting rid of excess weight if a small calorie deficit is created.

Here are the distinct benefits of Tabata training:

- their positive effect on cardiac activity;

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- fast performance;
- free and public
- time saving;
- fast burning of subcutaneous fat

However, remember that Tabata is not a workout for everyone. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting them - they are not suitable, for example, for people with cardiovascular diseases. 

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