Yoga Tabata


The classic fitness plan Tabata was invented by the Japanese Izumi Tabata. The essence of the method is that within 4 minutes at a very intense pace, at the limit of their capabilities, 8 exercises are performed on various muscle groups. You repeat each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a short 10-second pause. This approach increases endurance and accelerates metabolic processes in the body, providing a fat-burning effect for another 48 hours after training. Recently, the Yoga Tabata method has been adopted by yoga instructors, supplementing the menu of fitness clubs and yoga studios with such a hybrid direction as Yoga Tabata.

However, this does not mean that the entire training will last only 4 minutes. The standard Cardio after strength training how to combine cardio and strength alternation, which training is better for losing weight yoga-tabata session is one and a half hours. It will start with a classic workout. During the first 10 minutes, the instructor will offer you a few laps to warm upSurya Namaskar, Sukshma Vyayama, elements of articular gymnastics. All of these practices will best prepare your body for the main part of your workout.

But the last one will be built on the principle of Tabat. The trainer will turn on a special timer that will tell you when to work and when to relax. For performance, dynamic ligaments from asanas and static poses will be offered, which will need to be held for the same 20 seconds. But this does not mean that every half minute you will have to change the exercise or posture. There are 4 approaches to each element. Then you can relax a little longer than between sets - 40 seconds.

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In this mode, alternating intensive dynamics with more static endurance for endurance, you will have to work for an hour. Here are examples of exercises that a trainer can fill this time:

- dynamic attacks in the Pose of a warrior with support first on one and then on the other leg;

- quick transitions fromDog poses face downon a straight bar with the simultaneous withdrawal of the knee of a previously raised leg forward;

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- static side bar with support on the elbow on both sides;

- a straight bar with support on the elbows with simultaneous rolls of one hip or the other to the floor;

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- static retention of the Bow Pose or its simplified version - fixing of arms and legs raised above the floor, lying on the stomach;

- various options Pose boats with fixation above the floor, first one, and then the other raised straight leg;

- alternationButterfly poseslying on your back with a gluteal bridge with simultaneous dilution of the knees to the sides;

- fixing the Pose of eight points, which is essentially a kind of straight bar;

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- holding in the static twisting of the body first right then left from the original Staff pose, etc.

This unit of training Dianabol for sale is aimed at strengthening the muscles that stabilize the spine, normalizing weight and body parameters.

Then, practitioners will have another 15-minute block filled with stretching asanas, which are performed at a slow pace. Often the basis of this block is the yin yoga style 4 Biggest Trenbolone Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them - a passive mental practice that includes the following elements:

- body tilts to straight legs from a sitting position;

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- tilts of the body to the legs apart from the sitting position;

- the body tilts across the side, first to one and then to the second straight leg from a sitting position with legs wide apart;

- twisting the body from a supine position, etc.

In a separate 5-minute block, the trainer can then giveinverted asanasto rejuvenate the body and stimulate blood flow and vitality in the chakras. This primarily includes the various versions of the Pose of an inverted candle (Pose of a birch) and more complex balances on the hands and head.

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In conclusion, practitioners will wait for 5 minutes in the blissful relaxing Shavasana. To create the desired mood, the trainer can turn on the sound of an unobtrusively noisy waterfall at this stage and accompany it with meditation on relaxation and complete immersion in oneself.

Thus, Yoga Tabata is a very multifaceted practice, allowing you to get many benefits. Among them are a flexible healthy body, and muscle tone, and weight loss, and spiritual development. Yoga Tabata took the principle of Izumi Tabata as a basis, but did not bet on a short training time, making it possible to add bonuses to an hour and a half yoga class to the advantages of the classical Tabata protocol.

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