Review of the best triceps exercises

Triceps is a muscle that helps to extend the arm at the elbow, located on the back surface of the forearm and occupies 2/3 of the arm. It forms one of the main muscles on the human body, because of this the beautiful appearance and relief of the triceps is very important. This muscle consists of three heads: long, medial and lateral.

The main principles of working with triceps

Many novice athletes ignore triceps training, they think that biceps give muscle relief. This is an erroneous opinion, biceps take 1/3 of the part, pumping only it, the arm will look disproportionate. All exercises for triceps are based on extensor movements. Pumping separates it from the deltoid muscle, and makes the hand embossed and beautiful.

The Sports nutrition 7 tips shape of the muscle group is laid genetically, so we can only affect its volume.

According to sports literature, it is possible to pump three muscle bundles (long, medial, lateral) separately. In practice, triceps exercises allow you to fully work out all the groups. Which part the entire load will come to depends on the position of the brushes, the angle of inclination, or the trajectory of movement.

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To increase the volume of triceps you need to remember a few rules:

To load the long head of the muscle follows exercises in which the arms are raised up or wound around the neck: abduction of the arms behind the head with a barbell, French bench press.

If you need to develop the lateral and medial head, then grab the brush inward.

To move the weight to the medial and the long part, it is necessary, on the contrary, to change the position of the brush outward.

The main principle is to observe the correct technique of exercises for pumping triceps. This muscle is very finicky, so here are some guidelines:

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choose working weights correctly;

the arm should be in tension;

do the training at a calm pace.

To achieve the first noticeable results, triceps of the hands need to be pumped for 4-6 months. Everything will depend on your initial sports training and a predisposition to increase muscle. The frequency of training on the mass of the triceps muscle should be no more than twice a week, it is very important to give time for the restoration of muscle fibers. You can also train triceps in a group with exercises on the muscles of the chest.

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Basic exercises for triceps pumping

The best triceps exercises are considered basic. They are aimed at increasing weight and are some of the hard trainings, for example: push-ups on the bars or reverse push-ups. Experienced athletes are not supposed to use free weight exercises, but to perform basic ones.

A program that uses basic triceps exercises:

push-ups from the floor: performed on the floor with a wide setting of hands, for beginners 12-15 times in three sets;

pushing back from the bench: the angle between the legs and the body should be 90 degrees, repeat 12-15 times in three sets;

bench press with wide and narrow grip: hold the bar at eye level, start with 10 kg;

push-ups in a vertical simulator: performed, in a half-sitting position, 15 repetitions in three sets.

The most effective of these exercises is considered to be a bench press. The working weight for it needs to be selected individually. However, it is worth remembering that the pumped muscle should always feel the load: both in the initial position of the hands and at the highest point. The weight of the bar in this exercise is different, for example, 2-3 times more than in the Methenolone Enanthate - Best Cutting Steroid French bench press.

Gym triceps workout

To get powerful and embossed hands, you should go to the gym. Of course, the effect of training is possible at home, but the best result will be in the gym under the supervision of a coach. If you do not have the opportunity to engage with a professional, then pay attention to the list of the following triceps exercises in the gym:

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Extending the arm with a dumbbell behind the head: performed in a sitting or lying position, bending the arm at the elbow, lower it behind the head. The amplitude of the exercise is slow, repeat 12-15 times for each hand in three sets.

French bench press is a very effective exercise that loads a long head. It is very important to fix the elbow joint in one position. The use of a Z-bar is recommended.

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Push-ups on the uneven bars are one of the well-known exercises. It must be performed strictly in an upright position without tilting to the sides. Start with 8-10 reps in three sets.

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The extension of the arms on the block works on the relief of the hands. The main principle of the exercise is to maintain a right angle between the forearm and the elbow joint. Much also depends on the position of the hands during grip. Perform 15 repetitions in three sets.

Pumping triceps with dumbbells. There are a large number of these exercises, the most effective of them: abduction of the arm in the inclined position of the body.

When implementing such a program, it is very important to follow the technique of exercises. If the position of the hands is incorrect, the entire load will be transferred to other muscles. Do your first workouts in front of the mirror to control the exercise process. Professional trainers advise you to carry out classes, changing the intensity, for example, 1 time per week to carry out a hard training, and the second easier. Experienced athletes conduct a lesson in split training, combining with exercises on other parts of the body.

A very important signal is the pain in the elbow joint. With the right working weights and exercise technique, pain should not occur. If you are concerned about such a problem, it is better to reduce the weight with which you work, or pay attention to the correct execution.

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Starting directly to the practical part of triceps training, remember TRENBOLONE that only regular and technically correct exercises will bring you the desired result. It is the pumped triceps that will make your hands athletic and powerful. If you decide to do triceps without a gym, use the basic exercises: push-ups from the floor, on the parallel bars and a program with dumbbells. This is reported by Rambler. Further:

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