The Most Effective Triceps Exercises

Pumping hands for women and men who are fond of power loads is an important condition for training. Particular emphasis in exercises needs to be done on triceps. This is the shoulder muscle located behind the humerus. She is responsible for flexion and extension of the arm at the elbow. Its high functionality is explained by the physiological structure. The muscle consists of three bundles or heads, and occupies 2/3 of the shoulder area, so it is very important to strengthen it. Only elastic, pumped and traced triceps will create the effect of beautiful hands.

To pump and strengthen the triceps, it is necessary to act on the long, lateral and medial head of the muscle at the same time. The speed and intensity of the load during triceps pumping depends on the characteristics of the muscle structure, so the training program should be individual, focused on the specific needs and capabilities of the body.

Triceps exercises can Primobolan Results Guide - Methenolone Enanthate be performed at home or in the gym. Training can be carried out with dumbbells, a bar, own weight, a weight, an expander, etc. Think over what occupations are suitable for you, and start training.


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General rules of training The basis of the fundamentals of highly specialized classes

General rules of training When choosing a set of exercises that can be performed at home and in the gym, it must be remembered that many movements on the chest affect the arms, especially biceps and triceps. The program should be designed so that twice in one workout do not load the triceps muscle of the shoulder, i.e., exercises for the chest and training focused specifically on triceps should be carried out on different days.

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The most effective workouts are those that have different intensities. Alternate load level. It is best to practice triceps 1-2 times a week. The rest of the time, train the remaining muscle groups, giving rest and time to repair damaged fibers during training.

The total number of approaches of all exercises for triceps should not exceed 5-6. For one set, if you are working on a lot or just want to tighten saggy skin of your hands, you should perform 8-15 repetitions. Do not forget to breathe correctly. Oxygen is necessary for the cells of muscle tissue, in addition, it oxidizes fat and breaks it down. It is important to eat right, pay maximum attention to protein foods, and exclude simple carbohydrates and fats from the diet.

The foundation of the basics For girls and boys who want to build their arms, it’s important to understand that the best exercises are basic. Many people tend to include isolating movements in the program, but this is a gross mistake that can lead to injuries and other unpleasant consequences. If you are a beginner in strength training and bodybuilding, isolated exercises are contraindicated for you.

To strengthen and Testosterone cypionate - Anabolic Steroids - Abuse, Side Effects and Safety tighten, develop and grow triceps, concentrate on the basis of the basics, study and improve basic exercises. Only when the body adapts to the load, and the technique is refined by 100%, it will be possible to proceed to complicated exercises, allowing to pump the triceps muscle of the shoulder.

Among the basic exercises focused on triceps, the following can be distinguished:

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Push ups. This is a universal and at the same time the most effective basic exercise that allows you to work out the entire upper shoulder girdle. There are many variations of doing push-ups - from the floor, on the uneven bars, on the bench, on the horizontal bar. It is important to choose a comfortable rhythm and put your hands in medium grip. Bench press. The exercise is performed with a barbell, you can use the Smith machine. It is necessary to lie down on a bench, legs are on the floor, with a direct grip we take the bar from the stop, we place it on straight arms at chest level. On inspiration, lower the bar to the body, touching it slightly, and raise your hands again. At the maximum point, we fix the position for a couple of seconds and repeat the movement.

These two training options are included in the TOP exercises that allow you to affect the external and internal bundle of muscles in the arm. Before performing it is important to warm up, stretch the joints and muscles. When working with the bar, it is necessary that someone insure the athlete.

Highly specialized exercises When an athlete has experience, he can safely practice isolation exercises for triceps. They can be divided into two categories - with free weights and on the simulator. The first group includes:

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French bench press. This is the best exercise for a quality study of triceps. It is necessary to work with a small weight. To do this, lie on the bench, legs are firmly fixed on the floor, back and buttocks are pressed to the bench. Hands with a bar extended and are shoulder width apart. We take a breath and lower the bar to the forehead. There should be a right angle between the forearm and the shoulder. On the exhale, we straighten our arms.

Extension of the arm from behind the head with dumbbells. We sit on a bench or stool, the back is straight, the lower back is slightly bent. Arm with dumbbell stretched up above your head. As you inhale, lower your hand behind your head and return it to its original position. It is important not to pause at the bottom point.

Extension of the arms in an inclination. It is necessary to stand on the side of the bench, put emphasis on one hand, you can use the knee as an auxiliary point of support. The back is parallel to the floor. In a free hand is a dumbbell. On inspiration, we tighten our hand to the body and take it back, fully unbending. We make a stop and return to the initial position.

Extension with an expander. You need to sit on the bench, put one hand behind your back from above, holding the edge of the expander tape. We hold the lower edge with the second hand, wound behind the back below. On inspiration, you need to bend your arm up, stretching the rubber shock absorber. Then slowly return to the starting position.

Isolated triceps exercises in a crossover have many variations. The most common and effective are:

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Extending arms on the upper block while standing. It is necessary to become facing the simulator, one leg in front of the other, hands on the handle. Press your elbows to your sides. Be sure to relax your shoulders and slightly bend your knee joints. It is necessary to pull the handle of the block to the front of the hips using the maximum amplitude.

Extension of arms on the lower block. You need to get your back to the block on your knees. Grasp the handle of the simulator, bending your elbows. It is important to keep them as close to your head as possible. On inhalation, we straighten our arms, at the maximum point we linger and come back.

Extension with a rope handle. Exercise is similar to the upper draft in the block, but the forked end of the rope allows you to put your hands on the sides of the thighs, thereby increasing the amplitude of movement.

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Many are interested in how much you need to train to see Recommendations on the PCT after a course of testosterone the result. If you follow all the recommendations and technically correctly execute the movements, the first achievements will become noticeable after 2-3 weeks. Everything is very individual and depends on how the body responds to the load. The most important thing is to engage in a systematic manner, not to miss the training and conduct it in a good mood.

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