Two explosive triceps exercises

Gentlemen, triceps training includes a huge variety of different exercises. Dozens of options with a barbell, dumbbells, fitness equipment and your own body Dear Winstrol pills: You’re Not My Steroid Anymore weight. Agree that most often the choice falls on the classic conventional exercises in the gym. However, I always suggest trying something new. Moreover, it is important to always keep fit and not to miss a workout, even if there is no gym. Salute, athletes! In touch Nikitos and the channel "Be in shape"! Today we’ll look at two cool options to pump triceps anywhere. The "old" Hannibal for king and Mr. "Magnificent" will help us with this.

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Triceps press from the crossbar. Work narrow grip, follow the technique, complete control of each movement. Try to do not bend in the lower back, also work full amplitude.

Mr. "Magnificent"

Hannibal push-ups on one arm. This, of course A set of exercises with dumbbells for younger students Sports, is a more complicated option, if it seems difficult to you, then do it on two hands. Do not forget about equipment, total control and maximum work.

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Hannibal for king

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So friends! These are really cool exercises that will blow your triceps. If you are involved in classics, try including them in your workouts. And even training in the gym, preferring classical exercises Fitball for everyone using Tren Cycle with iron, you can also diversify your workout. The channel also has cool abs workout, which you can try. It takes literally 5-7 minutes! Thank you for your attention, friends, be sure to read about three reasons, why is it worth subscribing on this channel, every day there is cool, useful information, be in better shape in your life!

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